10th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

We are now a little less than a month away from our 10th and most amazing Fine Home Source Home Show ever!  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors to celebrate the milestone of 10 years supporting fine craftsmanship and high quality design.

One of our newest vendors is Walpole Outdoors shown above.  Come join us Saturday, September 23rd in Millbrook, New York for our biggest show yet.  Here are just a few of the vendors who will also […]

4 Greek Revival Buildings

We love Greek Revival style buildings.  Sometimes we add on to Greek Revival homes, and we also design them from the ground up.  We often take liberties with details and proportions like carpenter architects did with the originals.  Above is a home we designed for (the late) Kermit Love, the creator of Big Bird, and his partner.  Kermit was in his 80s when we began this project.  Among other interests, Kermit was an avid gardener.  He had asked us to make the […]

Simple Pool Pavilion (Featured Project)

Sometimes all you need is a little shade while sitting around the pool.  That is especially true if the pool is close to the house or other buildings which contain bathroom and changing facilities.  On those very hot days, a quick dash into the shade can make the perfect day even better.

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Carpenter Architects (Expanded)

Two hundred years ago there were few architects to direct carpenters in the way to build a proper home. That was just fine. Homes in general were simple and carpenter architects paid a lot of attention to detail and proportion.There were books written by architects, that provided guidelines and formulas for the creation of homes but those were a point of departure and did not anticipate every condition that the carpenter would encounter. Those early builders were trained well and took […]

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6 Ways to Love Your Basement

The key to loving your basement is creating a space you want to visit.  Everyone is different.  A basement gym might encourage a daily workout, or a home theater might bring the whole family down for movie night.  Wine cellars are perfect for the basement since cool, windowless rooms make for perfect wine storage.  Entertainment spaces or laundry rooms work well also.  A basement is an open canvas waiting for the perfect use and someone with a vision to make […]

Small Addition, Big Excitement

Few events rival the excitement leading up to the arrival of a new puppy.  We will soon be picking up our, (my daughter’s), Border Collie from a Pennsylvania farm family-the Freys, who own Frey’s Livestock Supply.  Our puppy’s parents are true working dogs, herding cattle on a daily basis.  Our sheep don’t know about the change that is about to happen on our mini-farm.

I would like to thank Nancy Frey for the great photos she let me use, and I […]

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Everyone Needs to Know a Good Woodworker

When I have a special woodworking project for myself or my clients, the first person I call is Rodger Manley.  He literally can make anything with wood.  He builds double hung windows like they were built in 1750, or 1880, or you name it.  He loves old homes and I have seen him replace 200 year old windows and exterior details, that when he was finished, you could not tell the new from the old.

Although Rodger can build anything, […]

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9 Pool Houses of Summer

Nothing says summer like kids splashing around in a pool–except perhaps an adult party centered around a pool on a balmy summer evening. In either case, a pool house makes everything easier. Whether the pool house is small and simple or includes a full kitchen and guest quarters, having a place to store cold drinks, towels and refreshments makes summer entertaining a lot more fun.

A pool house can be a place to access only the absolute necessities while enjoying the […]

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9 Screened Porches, Just in Time

When it is buggy out, a screened porch is in it’s glory!  I love to eat dinner on my open porch (as well as drink my morning coffee), but if the bugs are out, I go inside.  Screened porches solve those problems entirely.  It is just lucky for me, that my property rarely has a bug problem.  For some homeowners, the mosquitos, gnats, and other biting insects come out like clockwork, making it hard to relax and enjoy their […]

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7 Uses for Reclaimed Beams

We use reclaimed wood beams on many of our projects.  They add color, texture and a sense of history to every home.  Some are used as structural elements, some as decorative elements, and other times they are milled into flooring, cabinets, trim, or furniture.  200-year-old beams have a color and texture which  are very hard to reproduce.  Old-growth trees, from which they were made, also have a grain structure which is very different than wood which is generally available today.

Most […]

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