Backyard Chronicles-October 2016

I never know what I am going to find when I go up to feed the animals.  This morning, I stopped to say hello to Chloe, our barnyard cat, then checked our garden to see what was left.  I had a few tomatoes, plenty of swiss chard, and some herbs.  The chickens were fine, although, their run was pretty muddy.  Rosie, as always, ran around checking on everyone.

My next stop was to feed the sheep inside of the barn.  When I […]

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Off the Charts at FineHome Source

The 9th annual FineHome Source home show is right around the corner, Saturday, September 24th from 10am until 5pm in the center of downtown Millbrook, NY (you absolutely cannot miss it).

To top things off, we will have our first FineFashion Show featuring RG Couture.  Rowena Gill has designed dresses for the Dutchess of York, Sharon Stone, Naomi Cambell, and many more international figures.  We are very lucky to have her in our own backyard.  Her designs and models will […]

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Golfer’s Dream

For the golfers who had everything, including their own putting green, the only thing missing was a place to relax between shots.  We were asked to complete the dream by designing a simple but elegant structure that would not only act as a pavilion for watching the shots, but also  provide a place to store the golf cart.

In the end, we think it has become a great destination for both golf and friends.


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7 Great Porch Accessories

Sitting on a porch is a great experience for me.  I always enjoy it and never tire of sitting on my own porch.  I hear a flock of geese flying overhead, crickets chirping, most everyone else in my home is asleep while I sit on our porch with my laptop on my lap, writing this blog.  The more time you spend on a porch, the more ways you will find to use it, and anything that enhances the experience, in […]

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9th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

It has been a great summer, but as we approach the fall, it is time to start planning a visit to the 9th Annual FineHome Source home show.  This year is going to be another great experience with many new exhibitors as well as our old favorites.  September 24th from 10am to 5pm will be another gathering of experts ready to answer your questions regarding home automation, the most energy efficient mechanical systems, kitchens, baths, furniture and much much more.
Join us […]

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7 Kitchen Floor Alternatives (Expanded)

The selection of a kitchen floor is another example of how our wealth of choices makes those selections all the more difficult.  The criteria for a kitchen floor includes the following:
1.  It must be attractive-a very broad and subjective requirement, which is often in the eye of the beholder.
2.  It must be durable-there are many forms of durability.  For wood, durability may mean looking good with dings and scratches.  With stone or tile, you will want something chip and stain resistant.
3.  The […]

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2 Garage to House Connectors

It is often visually and functionally appropriate to get some space between a home and a garage.  Inevitably there is a concern for what happens in bad weather when you have to get from the garage to the house.  We have found a number of ways to connect homes to garages, and here are a couple of recent projects that made that connection work.

Sometimes our clients only want to separate their new garage from their home by an entry […]

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8 Garage Door Solutions (Updated)

Garage doors may seem to be a very mundane topic, not worth much thought in the overall scheme of home design, but in our office, that is not the case.  When you think about it, garage doors are quite large elements, which need to be worked into the composition of a building. Those considerations are important whether it is a stand-alone garage, garage/guest house, or a garage connected to a home.
We have designed 3” thick authentic swinging carriage house […]

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A little Modern

Our clients bought an old home that had been moved to it’s site, and reconstructed.  The old portion of the home was charming and quite beautiful.  Added on to it was one of the worst additions I have ever seen.  They asked us to remove the addition, and design a kitchen/family room that was sympathetic with the old house, but give them big views and a modern aesthetic.

One other requirement was that the addition include a commercial grade kitchen.  Our clients found […]

7 Places to Entertain

When my family entertains, we often start in the kitchen, go to our back porch, then eat in the dining room and end up in our living room, and that doesn’t include outdoor entertaining.   Every home is different, and so are the ways in which each family entertains.  We create a variety of spaces in each home we design to accommodate gatherings of family or friends.  In addition to the more public places, it is important to have private spaces for those […]

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