Diving Into Pool Design Solutions

Bluestone Terrace The vast majority of pools our clients build include some bluestone pavers around them. The amount can vary from a single line of pavers around the pool to large areas meant for furniture and large groups of people. Other materials include various kinds of granite, tile, and wood. There are good reasons why bluestone is so popular. It is attractive, durable, slip-resistant, and requires little or no maintenance.  We have sometimes used light-colored Chinese granite, which [...]

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Under Construction 5-24

New Home in Columbia County Spring and Summer are the main seasons for breaking ground on new projects.  Fall and Winter in the Northeast have become progressively warmer allowing construction to begin year around, but a Spring start is still the favorite.  This year is no exception with many Spring starts and more to come as soon as we clear the building departments.  Please take a look at a few of our current projects. New Home in [...]

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13 Particulars of Porch Design

  Simple Porch In 2019, Fine Homebuilding magazine asked Sandee Mahoney and me to write an article on porches. (We are co-authors of On the Porch, Creating Your Place to Watch the World Go By).  The following are excerpts of that article: People use porches in a number of ways. Some porches are simply a place to sit, breathe some fresh air, and enjoy conversation. Others are meant for entertaining, cooking, or sleeping. The key is to be [...]

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Lambageddon ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Four of Eight Lambs Normally, a few extra lambs are no big deal. On our micro-farm, however, 8 new lambs are a big deal, considering our usual flock is about a dozen sheep, all told.  This morning, we walked up to the barn to feed the animals as usual, and low and behold, we had two new lambs that were born overnight when we were expecting only one.  They added to our previously born lambs and the two-bottle [...]

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Mastering the Fifth Wall: The Art of Ceiling Design

  Office Ceiling I was reading the Instagram posts of one of our favorite interior designers, Valerie Grant of Valerie Grant Interiors, and saw a piece on designing the 5th wall.  I knew immediately that would be a perfect topic for us, considering how important ceiling designs can be. Our ceiling treatments are often designed in collaboration with interior designers, our clients, and contractors.    Living Room Ceiling Library Ceiling   Primary Bedroom [...]

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Inside 11 Life-Changing Additions

Two Farmhouse Additions In my home, our additions have changed how we live.  From the addition of a porch that changed our daily use of our home in warm weather to an extra bedroom and primary bathroom that we use every day, our home life was improved.  Not every renovation/addition project has a great existing building from which to draw inspiration. Often, the portion that is added becomes the stronger design element and, therefore, influences the rest of the [...]

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Very Entertaining Smart Bird Feeder

Tufted Titmouse My wife knows how much I enjoy watching the birds on our property, so it was an easy choice to give me an intelligent bird feeder for my birthday. If you haven't seen them before, they are pretty impressive since they take a short video of every bird that lands on the feeder and keep a record of those birds. It can also email an alert of those birds landing. (I did turn that feature off [...]

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Under Construction 3-24

New Home Waiting for Landscaping We are working on a wide variety of projects, including an energy-efficient net-zero renovation and addition, several new homes, and major additions to antique and newer homes.  As one project is completed, another begins. This continues to be a warmer-than-usual year.  Helping most construction sites while making others a muddy mess.  We won't look a gift horse in the mouth. New Home Waiting for Landscaping Foundation About to Set Steel [...]

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Animal Update 2-24

White Lamb and Mom We get excited by architecture, but nothing gets our hearts pounding like baby lambs on the way.  At about 10:00 o'clock last night, I noticed on our lamb cam that our ewe was about to give birth and let my wife know.  That began a mad dash my wife made through the snow up to our barn, which is about a hundred yards uphill from our house.  Next, my son and oldest daughter ran [...]

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Escape to Tranquility: Explore 7 Rooms Crafted to Ease Your Mind

Private Reading Room These days, tranquility is often hard to find.  We live in a stressful time and must find ways to reduce that stress.  Many of us have hobbies and sports that help us relax, while others meditate or exercise to achieve the same goal.  When the weather permits, I go to unwind and relax on my back porch.  Even though it is outside my home, I consider it another room of my house.  Although my wife [...]

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