Escape to Tranquility: Explore 7 Rooms Crafted to Ease Your Mind

Private Reading Room These days, tranquility is often hard to find.  We live in a stressful time and must find ways to reduce that stress.  Many of us have hobbies and sports that help us relax, while others meditate or exercise to achieve the same goal.  When the weather permits, I go to unwind and relax on my back porch.  Even though it is outside my home, I consider it another room of my house.  Although my wife [...]

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25 Shocking Before and Afters

Before and After Ranch Before and afters of our projects are always a lot of fun.  Admittedly, we don't go out of our way to find the best-looking before photos but always use some of the best afters. One of the pleasures of working with a great photographer(Rob Karosis) is the thrill of seeing new photos of one of our projects for the first time.  After spending months, and sometimes years, on a renovation project, it is always [...]

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4 Fun Bunk Rooms

Basement Bunk Room Nothing predicts a fun time when you are little, like a sleepover with your friends in a bunk room.  Everyone has their own space, but they also are all together.  What is lost in sleep is more than made up in good times.  Basements make great bunk rooms, but so do attics and children's bedrooms.  We design built-in bunks as well as bunk rooms that accept off-the-shelf bunks. We put bunk beds in our son's [...]

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Explore 7 Unique Kids’ Rooms: Architectural Magic for Children and Young Adults

Kids' Rooms Kids' rooms are unique in many ways.   When our third child was on the way, we decided to add a kids' room to our home.  It seemed overnight that the toddler’s room became the high schooler’s room.  The lesson we learned is to keep rooms flexible because the only consistent thing is change. Toddler's Room Teenager's Room Pink Room Purple Room Teenager's Room Twin Bedroom Photos [...]

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One House, Plenty of Storage

Kitchen  Storage is a premium in old homes.  I can never have enough places to store things.  From cookbooks to gadgets, power tools to dog toys, winter gear to summer clothes, supply exceeds demand for space. One family, whose home we completely renovated, requested storage any place we could find it.  Although when designing a home or renovation, we are always looking for good places for storage, this home has a great variety of places to store stuff. [...]

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8 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Home 1.  Upgrade that old bathroom in your home.  Again, from personal experience, a big improvement to our home was a new primary bath.  Our renovation included a large, comfortable shower, radiant floor heat, and extra room by our sinks with plenty of storage.  The only downside was that our children loved the new bathroom so much that I had to compete for bathroom time. Primary Bathroom Green Kitchen 2.  Cook more family meals [...]

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6 Wonderful Homes Under Construction-December 2023

New Home New Home The ground is getting hard, but our projects are proceeding as usual.  In reality, at this time of year, construction sites are mud pits for a few days, and then they become like moonscapes with frozen hills and valleys. After visiting job sites, my boots are a mess, but that just comes with the territory. Here are a sampling of our projects under construction: Kitchen/Breakfast Room Pantry [...]

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7 Convenient First Floor Bedroom Suites

Primary Bedroom with Screened Porch Over the years, we have designed many first-floor bedrooms.  Often, homeowners request a first-floor primary bedroom or one that could function as either a guest bedroom or primary. Sometimes, these bedrooms are part of a new home; other times, they are added to an existing home. Currently, we are designing several first-floor bedroom suites which, in the short term, will be for guests and, in the long run, can be converted into a [...]

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11 Striking Gas Fireplaces for Cozy Comfort

Double Sided Fireplace Some of our clients are purists regarding fireplaces; for them, it is wood-burning or nothing at all.  That’s fine. We love wood-burning fireplaces.  Most often, there is a mix of fireplaces in the homes we design, some burning wood and some gas. I have an old home, the core of which was built from about 1790 to the 1860s.   We have 4 wood-burning fireplaces.  I am uncomfortable sleeping with fire (or embers) burning in [...]

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10 Great Bedrooms That Treat Guests Like Family

Simple Guest Bedroom Having guests can be a wonderful experience; however, providing them with bedrooms can sometimes be a real challenge.   Of course, it is easier to find a place for visitors' bedrooms when building a new home or guest house.  Our clients generally want their guests close enough to be included in family activities but far enough away for everyone to have their privacy.  To complicate things, visitors with small children have very different needs compared to [...]

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