How Much?

We are frequently asked the cost of building a project. Universally the answer is: It depends what you build. Following is a list of some of the elements that go into homes in our region and their installed costs. The prices will vary depending on the supplier, contractor and the market conditions at the time of the bid. These prices were provided by suppliers and contractors in mid 2018. 2018 Estimated Installed Costs Because there are thousands of small [...]

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Breakfast In The Bay

From Monticello to the house next door, it is common when planning a construction project, to create a master plan and then build in phases.  Phasing a renovation can allow the homeowners to live in the house during construction or spread out the cost over several years.  When building a new home, the construction of a guest house or garage before the main house, can create a secure space to store materials and/or establish a home base to [...]

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Cutting Construction Costs

When designing a home or addition, part of the fun for the owner is imagining the project finished without any compromises. When bids come in from the contractors, many home owners are eager look at ways to reduce the price without loosing space or the character of the project. As the architects, our job is to help bring the price down as far as possible without loosing the qualities that the owners loved in the first place. It must be [...]

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Projects’ end

One of my least favorite parts of a project is it's end. During the process of designing and constructing the home, we have built special relationships with home owners, contractors and craftspeople which inevitably must change. Often those business relationships become friendships, but there is nothing like being part of that creation(ask any mother). We work together as a team for as much as several years speaking at least once a week and exchanging ideas even more and then the [...]

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