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James M. Crisp has been an architect for well over 30 years. His architectural firm, Crisp Architects, designs projects throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In April of 2007, Taunton Press published 'On the Porch' by James M. Crisp and Sandra Mahoney.

5 Home Gyms

Bright Open Gym A home gym does not necessarily need a lot of space, but it needs to be laid out efficiently to accommodate the users and their equipment. Lighting is important since many home gyms are in the basement where windows are small or within a recessed area (unless the basement is a walk-out). By mirroring the workout space, like a commercial gym, not only can the users work on perfect form, a greater sense of volume [...]

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Gone to the Dogs-5 Homes with Doggy Solutions

Hidden Dog Bowls In Mud Room Our dogs (and cat) are treated like members of the family.  I would not be exaggerating at all to say I have shed more tears over the passing of one of my dogs than some of my relatives.  So it is no surprise that our clients often ask us to include something special for their furry friends. Hidden Dog Bowls In Mud Room Dog Shower in Laundry Room [...]

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11 Breakfast Bays

Breakfast Bay I have always loved sitting in a bright alcove, eating breakfast, and reading the paper.  These days the object in front of me is often an iPad or other electronics, but the wonderful feeling of a breakfast nook is always the same.  Of course, bays that have windows on three sides are going to be the brightest.  Depending on the orientation of the house, the sunlight streaming in can be dramatic. If there are some interesting [...]

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Cottage Renovation

Kitchen After This Greenwich cottage needed a great kitchen, a second-story patio, a new bathroom and laundry, and a garage.  With the help of some very engaged clients, we worked as a team to make this jewel of a project happen. Cottage Kitchen Before Kitchen Close-Up View to Sun Room View to Sunroom Laundry Room Cabinets Open Laundry Room Cabinets Closed Second Floor Bathroom [...]

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12 Dining Rooms for the Holidays

Dining Room with Red Chairs In an age where family time has been shortened by screen time, and we eat most of our meals on the go, a dining room can bring us together.  A dedicated dining room can change the atmosphere of a meal and provide a special grace to dinner time. I have a large dining room in my own old farmhouse, and we do enjoy more formal meals there.  In our house, the dining room [...]

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13 Pantries for Butlers and the Rest of Us

Efficient Pantry Pantries are the unsung heroes of the kitchen.  They can be a larder or a home for seldom-used appliances.  They can also be a staging area for a dinner party or a quick place to make a drink.  In practice, most pantries are a combination of those things and change depending on the occasion and the season.  Unless you live next to a world-class market, they can also be the difference between being able to cook [...]

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Under Construction 10-22

Pool and Pool House Contractors are working to finish projects before the snow falls.  Some projects may begin in the fall, but care must be taken to ensure materials are protected, and the ground can support the foundation.  Building in the winter has its challenges, but some of the advantages can be more available materials and subcontractors since the high demand has passed in the spring and fall.  Warmer winters have opened the doors to more uninterrupted construction [...]

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7 Ways to Cut Construction Costs in 2022

Simple Bedroom/Porch Addition Recently we have encountered a spike in the cost of construction.  We have seen this happen several times over the course of our practice, and it is always a shock when the established cost of building a home or an addition is no longer possible.  We have found that there are multiple reasons, but the main ones are the scarcity and accompanying inflation of building materials and the increasing cost of each building trade because [...]

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16 Metal Roofs

All Metal New Home Roof On a renovation we completed a few years ago, the metal(tin) roof had a stamp on the back, and the installer gave a 25-year guarantee.  The roof was a little worse for wear but was not leaking.  The guarantee expired in 1905. For most of us, the expected life of a metal roof is beyond our expiration date.   Since the cost of a cedar shingle roof is comparable to a metal roof, I [...]

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17 Mesmerizing Fireplaces for Fall

Fireplace with Wood Storage I admit it, I love to look into a fire and let my mind wander.  That constantly changing display of flames leaping and dancing can keep me enthralled for hours.  Better yet, it is the perfect background for gatherings and quiet conversations.  You can always pick up where you left off. Restored Study Fireplace Sunroom Fireplace Office Fireplace Stone Fireplace Adirondack Style Fireplace [...]

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