About James Crisp

James M. Crisp has been an architect for well over 20 years. His architectural firm, Crisp Architects, designs projects throughout New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In April of 2007, Taunton Press published 'On the Porch' by James M. Crisp and Sandra Mahoney.

3 Critical Connections

Breezeway Connector There are times when we want to add a room or even a building to a home but we need some space between them to make the addition work well.  There are many ways to accomplish that connection.  The connector can become a room or a destination itself, or simply a corridor.  For the 'Breezeway Connector,' we included a sitting area and a place to barbeque. Breezeway Connector Breezeway Connector Because of [...]

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Cutting Construction Costs

Simple Porch Between the shortage of materials and the high demand, we are all scrambling to understand the current price of projects.  Covid has shut down factories and interrupted supply chains like no other time in my career.  There are signs that material prices will stabilize soon, but no one knows what to expect in the short term. When designing a home or addition, part of the fun for the owner is imagining the project finished without any [...]

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Renovate, or Knock it Down – 5 Examples

Complete Renovation After You would think that it is an easy decision whether to renovate or to take an existing home down to the foundation.  Many times, that decision is complex as well as difficult.  It is not uncommon for a homeowner to come to us with a list of changes to a home they have just purchased that are very extensive.  We as architects are asked if it would be better to demolish the home or work around what [...]

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Carriage House/Garage

Carriage House/Garage The homeowners wanted comfortable quarters for family members and friends that could accommodate long-term visits. This guest house with 3 bedrooms, a great kitchen opening onto the living room, mudroom, and laundry is a place where anyone could settle in for an extended stay. With a balcony off the living room and porch off the kitchen, it is also a good place to watch the world go by. On top of that, there is an elevator [...]

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Under Construction 3-21

Berkshire Family Compound Almost Finished Berkshire Family Compound Almost Finished It is a real adventure visiting job sites these days.  I go from mud pits to ice sheets to snowdrifts sometimes all in one day.  My job is easy compared to the guys working on the job sites though.  In addition to dealing with weather-related difficulties, contractors are also having to deal with spot shortages of materials and fluctuating prices.  I also understand that there is [...]

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16 Accessory Buildings

Pool House With Sliding Barn Door Our clients have asked us to design accessory buildings which range from potting sheds to elaborate family sports centers.  No two are exactly alike in their form or function.  The most frequently requested accessory building is a pool house.  Within that category, we have designed pool houses that could become small full-time homes and others that are only meant to provide shade.  Another favorite accessory building is a garage/guesthouse. Whatever the use, [...]

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Bath Time – 15 Fun Bathtubs

Metal Tub When I was growing up, we took baths.  It wasn’t fancy, we didn’t bathe to relax, bathing was just to get the dirt off (I spent many formative years on a farm).  For the country in general, the daily bath fell out of favor and was replaced by the now-ubiquitous shower. Who can argue with the efficiency and speed of a quick shower when we need to get children and ourselves out the door?  Showers can [...]

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It Was a Dark and Snowy Night…

New Born Lambs It was 2:30 AM, I was doing my best to sleep after eating too many appetizers while watching the Super Bowl game with my family.  Of course, about that time, two of the unborn lambs decided it was time to greet the world.  My wife, the good shepherd that she is, woke up and checked the 'lamb cam' (I think she has a 6th sense), took charge of the situation, and I wearily followed her [...]

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17 Living/Family Rooms

View From Family/Living Room in New Berkshire Lake Home Living rooms are the place we gather with friends and family.  They come in all sizes, shapes, and decors, and are as diverse as families themselves.  In my living room, it is not uncommon for us to light a fire in the fireplace, which is in front of the couch, and then watch TV which is in the corner of the room.  Not a perfect setup, but my home [...]

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21 Homes at Dusk

Modern Farmhouse at Dusk Sometimes, we ask our photographer, Rob Karosis, to work overtime and take some photographs as the sun goes down.  This is usually after he has already put in a 10 hour day, but he never complains, (out loud).  The extra effort is always worth it! A dusk shot can often reveal features of a home that are missed during the day. The windows become illuminated while the exterior materials become more monochromatic.  We are [...]

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