9 Old Home Projects

Entry Before and After We have worked on many projects in our old home.  They have included a new kitchen, mudroom, kid's bedroom, master bath addition, and a new porch to name a few.  Every one of them has improved our old home and made it a better place to live.  I am occasionally asked by our clients if the addition or renovation we are asked to design will pay for itself when the house is sold.  I [...]

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Ugly Duckling Phase (You Have To Crack Some Eggs….#4)

Every project reaches a phase during construction, which only an architect can love.  There is that point in major renovations, when structural elements have been completed, but little of the trim or details have been put back in place.  None of the proportions, which make a building sing, are visible yet, and all the rough edges show through.  When this ungainly stage coincides with the spring mud season, we have a big mess. On the other hand, hope [...]

Surprise Below the Porch(You Have to Crack Some Eggs…#3)

You never know what you will find while renovating an old house.  As we continue to follow the progress on the renovation of an eighteenth century farm house, the point is driven home even deeper. The contractors removed the rotting floor boards from the back porch and got a big surprise.  I too was startled when I almost steped into the 30 foot deep hand dug well while on a site visit.  We were amazed at the beauty of the [...]

You Have to Crack Some Eggs…

We will be checking in periodically with the progress made on the renovation of an eighteenth century farm house(actually an Inn) which was saved from slow deterioration by a young family who wanted to bring it back to life.  They are both artists and plan to include a painting studio in the master plan of the property.   Moving from Brooklyn to an old farmhouse took a great leap of faith.  Luckily for us, we were asked to help them through [...]