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‘Treasure Discovered Between the Floorboards!’ (You Have to Crack Some Eggs…#5)

I have worked on many old homes over the years, including my own.  The ‘Holy Grail’ of old home restorations is to find an artifact that reveals something about the early or original owners.  Those who are lucky enough to find an artifact, solidify the link between our century and theirs and their families and ours.  I have never found anything like that, but have been content with initials on beams and the well-worn marks in our floors. [...]

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You Have to Crack Some Eggs…

We will be checking in periodically with the progress made on the renovation of an eighteenth century farm house(actually an Inn) which was saved from slow deterioration by a young family who wanted to bring it back to life.  They are both artists and plan to include a painting studio in the master plan of the property.   Moving from Brooklyn to an old farmhouse took a great leap of faith.  Luckily for us, we were asked to help them through [...]

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