Simple Kitchen Renovation

There comes a time when you are ready for a simple kitchen refresh.  Our client asked for a functional, practical, and timeless makeover.  With this renovation, we kept it simple, which was just what the owners were looking for.  In addition to ample shelves and lower cabinets for storage, we included a big pantry for everything else.  A simple kitchen renovation is sometimes the perfect prescription for a happy home. Kitchen Before Stove and Shelves [...]

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Period Home Renovation

Front Entry This was a wonderful old home that needed a modern kitchen, more light, and a great master suite. As always, we respected the original architecture while adding rooms that now take advantage of the views and the landscape. We added porches and made it into a very comfortable new/old home. Side View Rear View Screened Porch Kitchen Kitchen View Breakfast Area Butlers Pantry [...]

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9 Kitchens, Before and After Renovation

Kitchen With Walnut Counter Kitchen With Walnut Counter Before A new kitchen can be one of the most dramatic changes to a home and a homeowner’s lifestyle.  When my wife and I renovated our kitchen, we went from wincing every time we cooked a meal to really loving to spend time there.  The new kitchen is the heart of our home.  It is where our family eats breakfast, does homework, gathers with friends and of course cooks. The [...]

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Modern Farm House Kitchen

Modern Farm House Kitchen Our clients bought an old home that had been moved to it’s the site and reconstructed.  The old portion of the home was charming and quite beautiful.  Added on to it was one of the worst additions I have ever seen.  They asked us to remove the addition, and design a modern chef's kitchen/family room that was sympathetic to the old house but give them big views and a modern aesthetic. One other requirement was that the [...]

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6 Corners With Views

Corner French Casements Nothing opens up a room like corner windows.  They provide that much more light and a panoramic view of the scenery.  Whether in the corner of a kitchen or an expansive sunroom, they make a powerful statement. The only loss when wrapping windows around a room is wall space.  I feel they should be used purposefully where they will make the most impact.   Often opening up two or more walls with glass requires special structural [...]

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15 More Shades of Grey

Grey Countertops As per the title, this is a continuation of a post I made last year. (See below) I could not resist the title, my apologies for the cliche’.  Grey is one of our favorite colors, or to be technically correct, our favorite tones between black and white. Honestly, most colors, (or lack thereof), on interior finishes and furniture are determined by our tasteful clients and or their talented interior designers.  We provide the backdrop for their [...]

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10th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

Walpole We are now a little less than a month away from our 10th and most amazing Fine Home Source Home Show ever!  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors to celebrate the milestone of 10 years supporting fine craftsmanship and high quality design. One of our newest vendors is Walpole Outdoors shown above.  Come join us Saturday, September 23rd in Millbrook, New York for our biggest show yet.  Here are just a few of the vendors [...]

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6 Renovations That Can Change the Way You Live in Your Home (Updated)

I have renovated and added to my own home for many reasons, including the fact I hated the existing kitchen.  I added a porch and a bedroom because I love porches and my oldest daughter needed a room of her own.  Many people renovate a home because no one thought to incorporate light or views in the original design.  Sometimes the existing home is outdated, dark, too small, poorly laid out, or all of the above. In any case, some [...]

9 Kitchen Conveniences We Love

Pot Fillers Over the years I have seen kitchen gadgets come and go and I think I must have bought half of the ones that went.  There are a few which have been real assets to both the kitchen designer and the homeowner.  Since every kitchen is different, some with plenty of wall, cabinet and storage space, and others with hardly any, space saving conveniences can make the difference between a working kitchen and a kitchen that makes you work. [...]

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Historic Expansion (Featured Project)

View of Old and New The original house had been added to over time, but at its core was a beautiful old home with wide pine floors and plaster walls. A critical requirement of the project was to preserve the integrity of the historic structure while giving the new owners additional space for their growing family and friends. With some careful design and care during construction, we were even able to save two venerable old trees which have [...]

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