7 Front Entries With Curb Appeal

Porch Entry A welcoming front entry does not need to be grand or elaborate (but it can be).  It needs to say you have arrived. It is not uncommon for me to visit a home for the first time, and to knock on a door that is almost never used by the homeowner or their family members.  I am often visiting that house because the homeowner has hopes of fixing that problem. There are many reasons a home can [...]

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Small Home-Big Dreams

We have designed new homes which are very small(under 1000 square feet) as well as homes which are very large.  Regardless of scale, each home reflects the vernacular detail of the region and the careful study of proportion and light as well as the needs and desires of its owners.  This will be the first of several articles exploring projects of various sizes. This home was designed as a weekend home for a couple who were professionals working [...]

The Reluctant Authors(Revisited)

  It's hard for me to believe it has been almost 7 years since the publication of 'On the Porch'.  Sandee Mahoney and I wrote this coffee table book at the request of Taunton Press, and I have to say we are as proud of it today as we were in 2006.  What follows is the text of a article written just before release of the book but after we had seen authors' copies.  It begins with a [...]

Porch Costs

I have always been a fan of porches.  When I was little I would spend hours on my front porch watching the world move by.  Now that I have kids, summer hours are often spent sitting, swinging, eating and entertaining on our porch. The wonderful thing about being out on a porch is that you are physically neither inside nor completely exposed to the elements on the outside.  Psychologically I almost feel as though I am on vacation when I [...]

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