How Much? (2016)

We are frequently asked the cost of building a project. Universally the answer is: It depends what you build. Following is a list of some of the elements that go into homes in our region and their installed costs. The prices will vary depending on the supplier, contractor and the market conditions at the time of the bid. These prices were provided by suppliers and contractors in early 2016 (Technically late 2015) . Estimated Installed Costs of Building components [...]

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5 Virtual Reality Projects

Project Photo After 3-D Sketch Before The world of computer graphics has changed completely since I started my architectural practice.  We now regularly use computer imaging to make quick sketches of proposed design ideas and use renderings of projects to let our clients know exactly what their home or addition will look like. It is amazing to me how realistic these renderings can be.  Although we are known for our modern versions of traditional homes, sometimes our [...]

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9 Kitchen Conveniences We Love

Pot Fillers Over the years I have seen kitchen gadgets come and go and I think I must have bought half of the ones that went.  There are a few which have been real assets to both the kitchen designer and the homeowner.  Since every kitchen is different, some with plenty of wall, cabinet and storage space, and others with hardly any, space saving conveniences can make the difference between a working kitchen and a kitchen that makes you work. [...]

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Fine Home Source 2014-Best Ever! Once again we had the best show ever!  Everyone had a great time with more vendors and visitors enjoying a picture perfect fall day.  This years show showcased everything from Zoe's Ice Cream Barn to a restored 1959 Cadillac Coupe Deville (by CPR).  Free samples included wine from Clinton Vineyards, cheese from Adams, espresso from Decker and BeeBe and Zoe's ice cream. Zoe's Ice Cream Barn Restored Cadillac Don't forget Aspire Magazine who joined us(and who [...]

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6 Ways to Side Your Home

Clapboard Siding When we begin to design a home, we generally have an idea of what the exterior material will be.  Often we will try alternate materials either to change the aesthetics, to adjust the budget, or simply at the request of our clients. Many of our projects combine two or more materials. If you are designing a modern home, the exterior material palate is almost limitless as long as it keeps the weather out and doesn’t fall [...]

Fine Home Source 2013, Sept. 28th

I will be the first to admit, everyone doesn't need a bowling alley.  But if you would like to see the latest in home bowling, come on out to Fine Home Source on September 28th and take a look.  This year we have some of the most broad ranging and professional vendors ever.  You can speak to the experts from Orvis Sandanona about learning how to fly fish or shoot sporting clays then talk to the folks at Dutchess Overhead [...]

Fine Home Source 2013

We are now a little over a month away from our 6th and largest Fine Home Source Home show.  We have enlarged the tent and added vendors and have reached a milestone of 6 years keeping craftmanship and quality design alive.  Join us in the celebration of quality services,craftsmanship, and design on September 28th in Millbrook, New York.  Here are a few of the vendors who will be there: [...]

3 Home Offices

A home office can consist of anything from a countertop with a plug for a laptop to the most elaborate command center worthy of a corporate titan.  To me the two most important characteristics of a home office is that it is a place you like to work and it helps you organize and  find the stuff you are working on. Often our clients insist on a great view from their home office while others find a view [...]

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3 Generator Solutions and Their Costs

When the power goes out there is nothing like the comfort of a generator humming in the yard.  Our recent spate of rains and early snow brought to focus the value of some kind of emergency power source.  I personally have a portable generator which powers my heat, well pump and most lights and appliances on an as needed basis.  After the last black out, I may upgrade.  Fortunately, for our office we invested in an automatic generator which came [...]

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Where To Put The TV

We Americans have a love/hate relationship with our televisions.  I try to limit my children’s time in front of the screen, but I myself spent my share of free time in front of the tube.  That was so long ago, I remember going to the local store to replace tubes that had burned out.  On the one hand, there is a huge amount of mindless junk on TV, but we have never had a greater choice of excellent content at [...]

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