9 Brilliant Uses of Brick Around Your Home

=≠ Brick Home We often use brick on our projects.  Whether to clad an entire home or just a finish at the foundation, it is a traditional material which is both durable and beautiful.  We sometimes use reclaimed brick on our projects to give an historic feel to the home.  Care should be taken to confirm that reclaimed brick is taken from exterior walls since brick from the interior of an old home may not be fired properly and [...]

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6 Ways to Side Your Home

Clapboard Siding When we begin to design a home, we generally have an idea of what the exterior material will be.  Often we will try alternate materials either to change the aesthetics, to adjust the budget, or simply at the request of our clients. Many of our projects combine two or more materials. If you are designing a modern home, the exterior material palate is almost limitless as long as it keeps the weather out and doesn’t fall [...]

Ranch Remodel(Revisited)

Ranch style homes have fallen in and out of favor over the decades. This love-hate relationship with homeowners often leads to a desire to make major changes to the average ranch. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding a major ranch home renovation is: ‘When is it better to knock it down instead of working with what is there?’ Sometimes that line is hard to draw and it usually is determined by a cost benefit analysis. If [...]

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3 Beautiful Reclaimed Materials

There are a lot of reasons to use materials which have had a previous life.  They include puritan thriftiness, the desire to preserve the past, of course-green practices, but my favorite reason is their inherent beauty.  There is a patina, a softness that only time produces.  Occasionally we find wood materials or details which can be bought for a fraction of their newer counterparts, but generally there is a premium for antique products.  The premium is due to the labor [...]

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