21 Homes at Dusk

Modern Farmhouse at Dusk Sometimes, we ask our photographer, Rob Karosis, to work overtime and take some photographs as the sun goes down.  This is usually after he has already put in a 10 hour day, but he never complains, (out loud).  The extra effort is always worth it! A dusk shot can often reveal features of a home that are missed during the day. The windows become illuminated while the exterior materials become more monochromatic.  We are [...]

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9 Brilliant Uses of Brick Around Your Home

=≠ Brick Home We often use brick on our projects.  Whether to clad an entire home or just a finish at the foundation, it is a traditional material which is both durable and beautiful.  We sometimes use reclaimed brick on our projects to give an historic feel to the home.  Care should be taken to confirm that reclaimed brick is taken from exterior walls since brick from the interior of an old home may not be fired properly and [...]

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