Breathtaking Berkshire Pool House

View to Pool and Pool House Our clients recently completed this Berkshire pool house.  It is a fun destination that can double as a guest house as well as a place to play pocket billiards or just relax.  The porch facing the pool includes phantom screens, which can come down with the push of a button and completely keep the bugs away.  After a sauna and a quick swim in the pool, a glass of wine on the [...]

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Breakfast In The Bay

From Monticello to the house next door, it is common when planning a construction project, to create a master plan and then build in phases.  Phasing a renovation can allow the homeowners to live in the house during construction or spread out the cost over several years.  When building a new home, the construction of a guest house or garage before the main house, can create a secure space to store materials and/or establish a home base to [...]

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Pool Houses

Nothing says summer like kids splashing around in a pool--except perhaps an adult party centered around a pool on a balmy summer evening. In either case, a pool house makes everything easier. Whether the pool house is small and simple or includes a full kitchen and guest quarters, having a place to store cold drinks, towels and refreshments makes summer entertaining a lot more fun. A pool house can be a place to access only the absolute necessities while enjoying [...]

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More Than A Garage

Today’s garage, in some ways, is simply an update of the nineteenth century carriage house. Compared to today, those structures seemed more important and therefore more time was taken for planning both the look of the buildings and their relationship to the home. Often the carriage house was part of a barn or stable and occasionally included living quarters above. I consider the character and placement of a freestanding garage as important as locating the house on the property since [...]

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