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The Beauty of a Construction Site(Revisited)

Something that architects and contractors take for granted but that homeowners rarely experience, is the construction site. When it is your house being built or added onto, I recommend that you spend as much time as possible with the “insides” of the place that will become your home. Having said that please be sure to watch your step. It is a bit like viewing the inside a person during an operation. Yes, it may be messy and confusing [...]

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4 Enlightened Windows

If a person’s eyes are the window to their souls, windows in a home give expression to the character and soul of that home.  Windows can be simple and utilitarian, they can focus attention on a special view, or they can dominate a wall.  When I say window I mean windows, doors, transoms, and walls of windows.  I live in an old home which has very regular simple windows.  I love them.  In my living room [...]

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