The Beauty of a Construction Site(Revisited)

Something that architects and contractors take for granted but that homeowners rarely experience, is the construction site. When it is your house being built or added onto, I recommend that you spend as much time as possible with the “insides” of the place that will become your home. Having said that please be sure to watch your step. It is a bit like viewing the inside a person during an operation. Yes, it may be messy and confusing [...]

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The Magic (and the Work) of Architectural Photography

It was on a rainy morning a couple of weeks ago that our photographer, Rob Karosis, began shooting the first of our recently completed projects.  If it were my first photo shoot with Rob, I might have been worried.  As always he pulled it off beautifully, and you really can’t tell it was drizzling. We have been working with Rob for many years and our photos are a team effort.  We borrowed some props from our friend, Ruthie [...]

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Out Takes

Our architectural photographer, Rob Karosis is an artist who  cannot turn off his creative eye when taking a break between architectural shots.  We always look for those bonus photographs that come back from a photo shoot.  Although architectural photography requires an element of craft and technical expertise, only an artist can make the images come alive.

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