8 Covered Entries

A covered entry to a home makes sense.  Believe me, on a cold rainy day when I cannot find my keys, my covered entry is worth it’s weight in gold.  Shelter is not the only reason to love a covered entry.  In addition to protecting whomever is standing in front of the door, a roof above also protects the entry itself.  Even if those two great features were not important, a covered entry announces the front door, accentuates a side [...]

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4 Front Doors

The front door is a symbolic welcoming gesture to the world beyond.(even if we enter the mudroom door most of the time)  When designing a new home, a strong inviting front door is relatively easy to create.  An existing home whose front door is ill defined and hard to access, often poses a greater challenge.  Many times the biggest hurdle is to create a functional front door on a home whose approach is defined by the automobile rather [...]

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