FineHome Source Exceedes Expectations!

Attendance was up over 30% from last year and we all had a great time!  Here are photos of a couple of vendors who generated a lot of interest. Because of this years’ expanding attendance, we are considering the addition of a tent section, which would increase the number of vendors.  We will be interviewing craftspeople that produce high quality unique products for the home.  If you know someone who fits this category, please ask him or her [...]

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Fine Home Source Home Show

Our annual gathering of experts and craftspeople in Millbrook, New York exceeded all expectations.  Attendance was up 60% from last year and the products and services were nothing short of amazing.  Feedback from both vendors and visitors has been universally positive with great anticipation for next years show. So why might you ask is there so much excitement over a home show while we are still only slowly climbing out of the great recession?  My view is that we all [...]

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Fine Home Source

Three years ago we gathered friends and colleagues in a huge tent to showcase their craftsmanship, their technology, and their art; we called it Fine Home Source. The organizational feat is overseen by  our office manager and event planner, Lois.  Meanwhile, everyone else in the office does their part to make this a wonderful show, while maintaining our day jobs. In one place you can talk to an engineer about geothermal heating and cooling, take a couple of [...]

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FineHome Source-Huge Success

We would like to thank all the visitors and all the vendors for what can only be described as a huge success. The weather was perfect and the show was filled with enthusiastic patrons and vendors all day long. The demonstrations were fascinating, with Fletcher Coddington of Arrowsmith Forge drawing the biggest crowds while he forged steel into useful tools. Kids had the best time painting the decorative bird houses with non toxic paint. Experts in geothermal heating and cooling, [...]

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