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The Pub Down Under

What do you do with the underground, windowless space below your house? Make it an authentic English Pub of course! Don’t get me wrong, this is not our fathers’ shag carpeted lounge with a Tiki lamp and a beer sign. This basement is a place that if you closed your eyes, walked in, then opened them, you would  think you had been transported to a venerable London pub. Seldom have we been asked to collaborate with a client [...]

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Basement Gym

Basements can be dark, windowless caverns that are only visited when the boiler is acting up or a box needs storing. They can also be a treasure trove of underutilized inexpensive space for creative homeowners. While we have utilized those areas in many ways for our clients, few conversions are as well suited for the basement as a home gym. Some of the best reasons to use that subsurface space are obvious including the fact that it is basically free [...]

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