On the Drawing Board

  • Exterior

Chappaqua Renovation (Featured Project)

Exterior This renovation in Chappaqua, NY exemplifies a great partnership between the owner, interior designer Amy Hirsch, and Crisp Architects. We opened up the floor-plan, added windows and fireplaces, and changed the whole feeling [...]

  • Mudroom with Cubbies

17 Mudrooms

Mudroom with Cubbies Over the years, we have designed many mudrooms.  Sometimes they are designed as a room dedicated to getting mud off of kids, pets, and everyone coming into the side door of [...]

  • Modern Farmhouse Shower

21 Showers

In the homes we design, our clients generally want at least one bathtub (usually in the master bath) and the rest of the bathrooms get showers or tub-showers.  Of course, tubs are great for relaxing and [...]

  • Front Entry

Period Home Renovation

Front Entry This was a wonderful old home that needed a modern kitchen, more light, and a great master suite. As always, we respected the original architecture while adding rooms that now take advantage of the [...]

  • Bottle Lamb in Kitchen

Animals: Before and After

Bottle Lamb in Kitchen Sheep and Chickens The next best thing to seeing our children grow up has been watching our animals grow.  Just like human kids, their personalities change and they [...]

  • Our New Web Site

Our New Web Site

Our New Web Site There is big news at Crisp Architects!  We have a new web page.  Our webmaster, Sven Nebelung, worked overtime to modernize our website while keeping the best of what we had.  [...]

  • New Home

Under Construction 11-20

New Home New Home-Entry Side I'll repeat what I said a couple of months ago-except with more urgency: As we progress toward winter, days are getting shorter and it’s starting to cool [...]

  • Nickel Board

10 Ways to Finish a Wall

Nickel Board There is an infinite number of ways to finish the walls of a home.  Choices can run the gamut from a variety of colors, textures, and fabrics, to exotic materials of every [...]

  • Some Chickens Like to Take a Ride

The Secret Lives of Animals

Some Chickens Like to Take a Ride One of the pleasures of caring for animals is discovering their distinct personalities and sometimes catching them being themselves when they don't know you are watching. The [...]