Simple Guest Bedrooms

Simple Guest Bedroom

Having guests can be a wonderful experience; however, providing them with bedrooms can sometimes be a real challenge.   Of course, it is easier to find a place for visitors’ bedrooms when building a new home or guest house.  Our clients generally want their guests close enough to be included in family activities but far enough away for everyone to have their privacy.  To complicate things, visitors with small children have very different needs compared to college kids on vacation.

If guest quarters are located within a home, good sound insulation and easy bathroom access are necessary.  Locating guest bedrooms away from the master bedroom and children’s rooms is ideal.

Once basic comfort and privacy have been achieved, the rest is a celebration of friends and family.  The guest room is a great place to experiment with colors, furniture, and design that might not necessarily match the rest of the home.

In the end, most people express a love of guests and, at the same time, don’t want to encourage an overextended stay.

Guest Bedroom In The Eaves

Guest Bedroom in the Eaves

Ocean View Guest Bedroom

Bay View Guest Bedroom

Wine Barn Guest Bedroom

Wine Barn Guest Bedroom

Guest Room In Greek Revival Home

Guest Room in Greek Revival Home

All White Guest Bedroom

All White Guest Bedroom

Tall Guest Room

Tall Guest Room

Guest Bedroom With Fireplace

Guest Bedroom with Fireplace

Open Ceiling Guest Room

Open Ceiling Guest Room

Formal Guest Room

Formal Guest Room

Photos by Rob Karosis  Curated Brochure by Crisp Architects: Portfolio

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