Simply Modern

View Facing the Lake Our clients asked us to keep it simple and modern and to help them get the most house for their budget. This new home does not feel like any compromises were made, and we all were very happy with the outcome. The lake serves as the centerpiece of their beautiful home, while their home, in turn, complements the lake as its focal point. View Toward Lake Living Room Living [...]

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Building Your Forever Home (or addition) 8 Examples

New Home with Porches We design many forever homes.  Whenever we are asked to design any project, we approach it the same way the builders of my home did: design it as though a family will live there forever. The forever home starts with good design. Our preference is to avoid whatever the current fad is going around and to design each home or addition in a timeless manner that will look as good 25 years from now [...]

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6 Homes Connected to Water

Modern Farmhouse With Reflecting Pond This summer my family and I rented a home on a lake in Maine and it was wonderful.  Other summers we stay in a cabin on a lake in the Adirondacks or on the ocean.  Perhaps those water-connected homes are extra special to us because we live inland surrounded by trees with no water, but a pool. Some of our clients are lucky enough to own property on a lake, a pond, a [...]

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