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10th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

Walpole We are now a little less than a month away from our 10th and most amazing Fine Home Source Home Show ever!  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors to celebrate the milestone of 10 years supporting fine craftsmanship and high quality design. One of our newest vendors is Walpole Outdoors shown above.  Come join us Saturday, September 23rd in Millbrook, New York for our biggest show yet.  Here are just a few of the vendors [...]

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2015 FineHome Source Show Exceeds Expectations

Hammerton Lighting I know, I always say this, but once again the bar has been raised and we have had the best FineHome Source home show ever!  From Hammerton Lighting who came all the way from Utah to be in the show to Roger Manley Woodworking who could have walked from Poughquag, we had nothing but the best on display. Visitors gave generously to benefit  The local Interact club in conjunction with the Millbrook Rotary, will purchase [...]

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8th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

FineHome Source Entry It has been a great summer, but as we approach the fall, it is time to start planning a visit to the 8th Annual FineHome Source home show.  This year is going to be another great experience with many new exhibitors as well as our old favorites.  September 26th from 10am to 5pm will be another gathering of experts ready to answer your questions regarding home automation, the most energy efficient mechanical systems, kitchens, baths, [...]

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7th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

We are now a little over a month away from our 7th and largest Fine Home Source Home Show.  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors reaching a milestone of 7 years supporting craftsmanship and quality design. One of our newest vendors is NanaWall which is a door system that allows you to open up a whole wall of your home to let the outdoors in. Join us Saturday, September 27th in Millbrook, New York.  Here are a few of [...]

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4 Kitchens Before and After Renovation(Updated)

A new kitchen can be one of the most dramatic changes to a home and a homeowner’s lifestyle.  When my wife and I renovated our kitchen, we went from wincing every time we cooked a meal to really loving to spend time there.  The new kitchen is the heart of our home.  It is where our family eats breakfast, does homework, gathers with friends and of course cooks. The layout of a kitchen is critical to [...]

3 Breakfast Bays

I have always loved sitting in a bright alcove eating breakfast and reading the paper.  These days the object in front of me is often an ipad or other electronics, but the wonderful feeling of a breakfast nook is always the same.  Of course bays which have windows on three sides are going to be the brightest.  Depending on the orientation of the house, the sunlight streaming in can be dramatic. If there are some interesting views, that [...]

Fine Home Source 2013, Sept. 28th

I will be the first to admit, everyone doesn't need a bowling alley.  But if you would like to see the latest in home bowling, come on out to Fine Home Source on September 28th and take a look.  This year we have some of the most broad ranging and professional vendors ever.  You can speak to the experts from Orvis Sandanona about learning how to fly fish or shoot sporting clays then talk to the folks at Dutchess Overhead [...]

Fine Home Source 2013

We are now a little over a month away from our 6th and largest Fine Home Source Home show.  We have enlarged the tent and added vendors and have reached a milestone of 6 years keeping craftmanship and quality design alive.  Join us in the celebration of quality services,craftsmanship, and design on September 28th in Millbrook, New York.  Here are a few of the vendors who will be there: [...]

Adding On (Revisited)

About half of the work in our office is new construction and half renovations and additions. When designing a home from scratch some of the most important elements to study(besides the clients wishes) are views, site features, sun and wind direction, and the approach to the site. The most important single element in an addition/renovation is the existing building. Sometimes the portion you save and restore is key to the rest of the project. Although it is almost [...]

The Reluctant Authors(Revisited)

  It's hard for me to believe it has been almost 7 years since the publication of 'On the Porch'.  Sandee Mahoney and I wrote this coffee table book at the request of Taunton Press, and I have to say we are as proud of it today as we were in 2006.  What follows is the text of a article written just before release of the book but after we had seen authors' copies.  It begins with a [...]

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