New Lamb

New Ram Lamb

The biggest excitement on our mini farm is the arrival of lambs.  We were lucky that my wife saw the ewe acting like she was in labor on our lamb cam.  We hurried up the hill to the barn and saw the lambs being born.  No matter how often we have seen this happen, it always feels like a miracle.  The sheep, dogs, chickens, and the cat are doing fine.  The barn has periodically had visitors, such as a fox and a big plump raccoon, and the occasional opossum.  After the lambs are born, our lamb cam becomes a critter cam.  Never a dull day on the farm.

Mom And Two Lambs

Mom and Two Lambs, Ram, and Ewe



Sheep Of A Different Color

Sheep of a Different Color.  Our rescue ram, George.

Three Sheep

Three Sheep

Gus And Chole

Gus and Chole

Gus Begging At The Table

Gus Begging at the Table

Oliver Watching The Sheep

Oliver Watching the Sheep

Rosie, Always Ready For Fun

Rosie, Always ready for Fun

Happy Chicken

Happy Chicken-The Price of Eggs Equals Job Security

Photos by Alicia and Jimmy Crisp  Curated Brochure by Crisp Architects: Portfolio

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    Laura Bryson February 16, 2023 at 8:39 pm

    Congratulations on the babies; they are the cutest!
    Your doors are exquisite; such a fine variety. And thank you for your incredible support for Architectural Salvage Design.

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