Zoe'S Ice Cream

Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn

After the usual amount of construction delays and a mad scramble to make ice cream, train staff, and work out the kinks, Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn opened last Saturday.  In addition to Zoe and her crew, my whole family was working serving guests, making milkshakes, and keeping the ‘barn’ clean. (Zoe is my wife’s youngest sister) It was supposed to be a ‘soft’ opening, but it turned out to be quite the scene as everyone came in to try Zoe’s ice cream.  Here is a map if you need it: Map to Zoe’s.  

Zoe’s only uses Hudson Valley Fresh milk from local dairies.

Zoe'S Inside

Zoe’s Inside

Cones Under Construction

Cones Under Construction

Soft Serve

Soft Serve

Local Dairy

Local Dairy

Owners Bob Ferris And Katie (Zoe) Hynes

Owners Bob Ferris and Katie (Zoe) Hynes

Hudson Valley Fresh

One of the farmers actually delivered the milk and the cream from Hudson Valley Fresh.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that.




About the Author: James Crisp

James M. Crisp has been an architect for well over 30 years. His architectural firm, Crisp Architects, designs projects throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In April of 2007, Taunton Press published 'On the Porch' by James M. Crisp and Sandra Mahoney.

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    Barbara Pierce June 30, 2016 at 3:43 pm

    Please tell us where Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn is located!

  2. Aa2Cbf39867Dfccabe80558316A86802?S=54&R=G
    James Crisp July 1, 2016 at 7:09 am


    Zoe’s is about 1/4 mile east of the Taconic on 55. It is best to go before about 6pm if you want to avoid a long line. JC

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