Lambs And Sheep

Lambs and Sheep

I had a wonderful experience this morning!  Our only pregnant sheep had a ram and a ewe lamb.  Even though we have had sheep for many years, this was my first time seeing the actual birth.  I usually arrive a few minutes too late.  Lamb number one came out quite a long time after the ewe’s water broke.  I thought for sure it wasn’t going make it, but after the mom started licking her, we heard a soft bleat.  As soon as she finished cleaning up, lamb number two’s feet started coming out.

My wife, her sister, and two of our children were there.  Luckily I didn’t have to do anything except cheer.  I then ran to the local Agway to get some molasses to feed the mom and an extra heat lamp to keep the lambs warm.  We counted ourselves lucky that the lambs didn’t come in the middle of one of those -14 degree nights.

I have been told by those in the know, that this ewe, (Miss Kay), is a really good mom.  She is very protective and very attentive to the lambs.  Best of all, we don’t have to bottle feed them in our kitchen. There is never a dull moment on the farm.

Lamb And Sheep Close Up

Lamb and Sheep Close Up Moments After Birth


Lambs-Already Curious

The Night They Were Born

The End of the Day They Were Born-Mom Keeping Watch

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  1. E2Fc2A7B55E52A6Cc4664C3Bd30C98Bf?S=54&R=G
    Emil Evans March 2, 2015 at 10:04 am

    Dear James,

    How lovely, we have had one lamb so far with another 700 ewes to go!
    Weather not good very, very cold hoping it will warm up soon as we lamb outside.
    I am a fashion illustrator from London town & then found myself in Wales fell in love with a Welsh farmer & now I am a farmers wife. I have been here now for seven years & we are both, when we have a moment trying to work on our little cottage, it’s coming slowly anyway we are doing the boot room at the moment, just finished doing the stone facing looking good! so pleased you got back to me, will keep you posted!

    Happy lambing!!!!


  2. Aa2Cbf39867Dfccabe80558316A86802?S=54&R=G
    James Crisp March 2, 2015 at 12:12 pm

    Wow, 700 ewes! Hard to imagine. Good luck with the lambs and the house.

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