Pool House Pergola

Pool House Pergola

I love pergolas.  They give shade and add detail and interest to any structure, although I have to admit that there is no pergola which is perfect for all situations.

We sometimes create free-standing pergolas, however most are connected to a home or out building.  Materials for posts and beams can either match the larger structure or be completely different creating a contrast.  If plants are allowed and encouraged to grow over the structure, care should be taken to choose durable materials and finishes.  If the pergola is to be painted, vines may need to be cut back for maintenance.

When designing a pergola, it is critically important that the structure be able to withstand the loads of vines covered with ice or snow as well as the forces created by cross winds.  We always have an engineer check our designs for structural capacity in the worst weather.

In addition to providing shade, a pergola can create an entrance or emphasize a path.  A garden entry is a perfect spot for the perfect pergola.

Goodbody Pool House Pergola

Natural Finish Pergola

Crisp Eyler 20100916 8627 Copy

Pergola With Stone Pillars

About the Author: James Crisp

James M. Crisp has been an architect for well over 30 years. His architectural firm, Crisp Architects, designs projects throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In April of 2007, Taunton Press published 'On the Porch' by James M. Crisp and Sandra Mahoney.

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  1. 403125D1463C83A01Aec383Dc0877B2B?S=54&R=G
    Patricia Braga January 13, 2011 at 7:07 am

    We had a pergola which we built badly, and took down. Time for another!
    I like getting your emails, as they are full of ideas, and especially in this bleak season, it is nice to consider improving our houses, as we spend so much time in them!
    Best, Pat Beard Braga

  2. Aa2Cbf39867Dfccabe80558316A86802?S=54&R=G
    James Crisp January 13, 2011 at 7:30 am

    They are and inexpensive way to dress up an outdoor space. Too bad some wood isn’t what it used to be and ends up prematurely rotting.

  3. 3Ba80D799C8Ec5A44A4A150Ab25032A5?S=54&R=G
    Claudia Atkinson January 13, 2011 at 1:02 pm

    Your website is a joy to look at and your newsletter so informative, and yes, optimistic!! Looking forward to giving your name to all of the clients that use me to list their homes, and the customers that need the renovations to make the “new” house their personal home!! Thanks Jim.
    Claudia Atkinson
    Ginnel Real Estate
    Bedford Hills, NY

  4. 420641F9E67F55A62C667685Dfd57A3A?S=54&R=G
    Kathie Kourie January 13, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    I really enjoyed a little pergola my husband built to separate the walkway to the house from the driveway. Unfortunately, the wisteria pulled it down. I have been thinking of one over the deck behind the house so we could have open sky and shade at the same time. I love the way they look. Thanks for jarring the thoughts of past and future pergolas during the cold winter.

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  6. 92272Ffb0630A7Dc211F820C9268045A?S=54&R=G
    Tony the Pergola Builder October 21, 2017 at 12:57 pm

    I enjoy your style here with Crisp Architects, the architectural design in New York is so different from the style here in Arizona… No surprise there, but the homes in this article are lovely.
    Found you while trying to get some creative ideas flowing, great inspiration from you, James, thank you! Post on 10 Outdoor Spaces had great images as well

  7. Aa2Cbf39867Dfccabe80558316A86802?S=54&R=G
    James Crisp October 21, 2017 at 1:49 pm


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