As much as I love my routine, we are about to begin a new one in a larger more beautiful space just down the road from our old office in the village of Millbrook. We are still in town (just outside the village) on route 44 heading toward Amenia. As you can see in the photos, we are moving into the space recently used by Arrowsmith forge as their showroom. They have moved a part of their showroom into the village, but will open a larger display area next door to our office and their foundry.

I am learning, that we are our worst clients. We change our minds with such frequency drawings are not dated by the day, but by the hour. The men we work with on the site are truly saints. Were they not our friends, they would have fired us long ago. That being said, the construction is flying along and we should be in the new office by mid-November. There are many things to coordinate and much to move, but one day soon we will hail from 3788 Route 44, Millbrook, New York.