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  • 8 Home Bars-Large and Small

8 Home Bars-Large and Small

Whether you are serving a Diet Coke, a glass of wine, or a cocktail, a bar simplifies the process.  In one place you can have all the raw materials for festive refreshments, and at […]

  • Twin Chimney Home- Featured Recent Project

Twin Chimney Home- Featured Recent Project

Nestled into a wooded hillside, this home can see far but is hidden from the rest of the world.  With simple lines and generous windows, our clients were hoping for an elegant get-away far […]

  • 6 Laundry Rooms

6 Laundry Rooms

It is often true that the simple things in life are the ones that make us the most happy. In our homes the unsung and hardly glamorous laundry room serves to keep the engine […]

  • Two Pregnant Ewes

Two Pregnant Ewes

Late this fall, we asked our large animal vet, Dr. Gillian Ferguson of Bluestone Veterinary Services, to check to see if our two ewes, Amy and 2%, were pregnant.  Since they had been with […]

  • 5 New Fireplaces

5 New Fireplaces

It is now the season that I spend the most time hauling firewood, chopping up wood for kindling, and building fires.  The same is true for many of our clients.  There is an endless […]

  • Classical Addition

Classical Addition

Our clients wanted to respect the architecture of their original home while taking on a major renovation and addition. The additions we designed are Greek Revival, which is a vernacular style of the region and […]

  • 7 Perfect Pergolas

7 Perfect Pergolas

I love pergolas.  They give shade and add detail and interest to any structure although, I have to admit, there is no pergola which is perfect for all situations.

We sometimes create free-standing pergolas, however […]

  • 5 Homes and Animals in the Snow

5 Homes and Animals in the Snow

Something magical happens to a home with the first snowfall of the season.  Around my house, the kids and the animals are even more excited than I am as we run and throw snowballs.  […]

  • 6 Corners With Views

6 Corners With Views

Nothing opens up a room like corner windows.  They provide that much more light and a panoramic view of the scenery.  Whether in the corner of a kitchen or an expansive sunroom, they make […]

  • Tis’ the Season to Get Together and Bake

Tis’ the Season to Get Together and Bake

This time of year our kitchen is filled with family and friends talking, eating, cooking, and baking.  Often we are dancing around each other to get to utensils, trash bins, ingredients, mixers and ovens.  […]