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  • Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn is Open!

Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn is Open!

After the usual amount of construction delays and a mad scramble to make ice cream, train staff, and work out the kinks, Zoe’s opened last Saturday.  In addition to Zoe and her crew, my […]

  • 5 Rolling, Barn Style Doors

5 Rolling, Barn Style Doors

Rolling, barn style doors, solve a lot of problems.  They are attractive, easy to use, and save a lot of space.  Because the rolling barn style doors are hung from a rod or a track, they slide […]

  • Porch Renovation (Revisited)

Porch Renovation (Revisited)

Older homes have a character that often is impossible to replicate.  A 200 year old home has traces of daily life so different from our world today.  That sense of history is what makes […]

  • Family Farms: Bos-Haven Farm

Family Farms: Bos-Haven Farm


Hudson Valley Fresh is a dairy farmer partnership located in the Hudson Valley.  This group of farmers are “dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley and promoting it as one […]

  • 8 Hanging Lights That Shine

8 Hanging Lights That Shine

Hanging light fixtures are almost always both decorative and functional.    A pendant or chandelier can set the mood of a room and help define the decor.  We seldom use hanging lights as the only source […]

  • Vacation in the Back Yard (Revisited)

Vacation in the Back Yard (Revisited)


When I sit on my back porch and rock on the porch swing, I feel the stress of the day drain away.  The change is so great that I consider my porch a mini-vacation […]

  • 10 Outdoor Living Spaces

10 Outdoor Living Spaces

As we head into spring and summer, I start thinking about my porch and other outdoor spaces around my home.  I have an appointment to get the wicker furniture repaired for the porch, I’ve […]

  • Ice Cream for Everyone!

Ice Cream for Everyone!

I normally don’t get too excited about the average new business opening near my home town, but this one is different.  It is not every day that your own family opens up a new ice […]

  • One White Kitchen (Updated)

One White Kitchen (Updated)

White kitchen cabinets always remind me of the beautiful butlers’ pantries in turn of the century great estates.  Tall cabinet doors and glass panes and solid hardware made a functional yet stunning place to […]