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  • 6 Rooms in the Eaves (Expanded)

6 Rooms in the Eaves (Expanded)

When we first moved into our 1790’s home, I bumped my head many times on a sloping ceiling in the master bath.  I could not wait to change that situation. One of our first […]

  • 4 Kinds of Home Lighting

4 Kinds of Home Lighting

The American Lighting Association identifies 3 types of interior lighting: Task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting.  I would add a fourth which falls into several categories, but I would call mood or stage […]

  • Spring Surprise

Spring Surprise

One Saturday, a few weeks ago, my son and I walked up our hill to feed the animals.  We chatted about the melting snow and he stopped for a quick swing on the swing […]

  • Garden Structures (Expanded)

Garden Structures (Expanded)

Nothing reminds us that spring is coming more than digging out the potting soil, the rusted tools, and clay pots. For me, it involves cleaning the refuse out of my vegetable garden from the […]

  • Stamford Renovation (Featured Project)

Stamford Renovation (Featured Project)

We love working on old homes.  With each generation of homeowners, the needs and lifestyles change and, with that, homes grow and evolve.  This home was in need of a make over and luckily […]

  • 13 Homes at Dusk

13 Homes at Dusk

Sometimes, we ask our photographer, Rob Karosis, to work overtime and take some photographs as the sun goes down.  This is usually after he has already put in a 10 hour day, but he […]

  • 6 Dutch Doors (Expanded)

6 Dutch Doors (Expanded)

As far as we know, the Dutch door originated in the Netherlands during the 17th century and was very popular with the settlers of Dutch and English origin who colonized what is now the […]

  • 7 Curved Stairs

7 Curved Stairs

Curved stairs can be elegant, beautiful, and functional.  We design stairs which are curved from bottom to top as well as stairs which only curve a bit.

There are many manufacturers who sell prefab spiral […]

  • Snow….Finally!



I love snow!  Growing up in Galveston, Texas, and Pumpkin Center, Louisiana, snow was precious.  Even a few flakes would mean school was out and we would do our best to put together a […]

  • 8 Rooms For Mud (Expanded)

8 Rooms For Mud (Expanded)

Living through the seasons in the Northeast reminds me of my daughters’ favorite book as a child: ’Going on a Bear Hunt’ where the father, the kids and the dog go looking for a […]