On the Drawing Board

  • 6 Ways to Cut Construction Costs (Updated)

6 Ways to Cut Construction Costs (Updated)

When designing a home or addition, part of the fun for the owner is imagining the project finished without any compromises. When bids come in from the contractors, many home owners are eager to […]

  • 8 Window Seats

8 Window Seats

I love window seats.  They are the perfect place to store things, sit and tie your shoe, or relax and read a book.  Sometimes we build them in a kitchen and call them breakfast […]

  • Sun Room (Revisited)

Sun Room (Revisited)

The best time to enjoy a sunroom can be the middle of winter.  While we always think of sitting in a sun room looking out over a lush garden, the time when we need […]

  • Winter Lambs

Winter Lambs

I had a wonderful experience this morning!  Our only pregnant sheep had a ram and a ewe lamb.  Even though we have had sheep for many years, this was my first time seeing the actual birth. […]

  • Dinner and Entertaining on 13 Porches

Dinner and Entertaining on 13 Porches

I’ve been dreaming of spring lately, and nothing heralds the arrival of spring like dinner on the porch.   At our home, as soon as it is warm enough, the porch becomes the center of outdoor entertaining.  […]

  • Where to Put the TV (Updated)

Where to Put the TV (Updated)

We Americans have a love/hate relationship with our televisions.  I try to limit my children’s time in front of the screen, but I myself spent my share of free time in front of the […]

  • Pool Pavilion (Featured Project)

Pool Pavilion (Featured Project)

To break up my focus on shoveling snow and chipping ice out of the animal’s water buckets, I thought I would remind everyone that spring and summer will come again and a nice cool […]

  • 12 Living/Family Rooms

12 Living/Family Rooms

Living rooms are the place we gather with friends and family.  They come in all sizes, shapes and decors, and  are as diverse as families themselves.  In my living room, it is not uncommon […]

  • Backyard Chronicles (January 2015)

Backyard Chronicles (January 2015)

Our children don’t always get along, but our animals can’t seem to get enough of each other.  I will say though, none of the other animals carry on a love affair like Chloe the cat and […]