On the Drawing Board

  • My Favorite Hardware Store

My Favorite Hardware Store

In both my personal and professional life, I depend on my local hardware store.  Whether we are trying find the right glue to adhere plastic to metal or the best stain for fence posts, […]

  • Pools, Pools, Pools, (7 of Them)

Pools, Pools, Pools, (7 of Them)

As the summer winds down, most of us will bid farewell to our pools(better yet to our neighbors’ pools).  Ironically, now is when pools and pool houses are often on the drawing board in […]

  • ScareCrow, My New Favorite Gadget

ScareCrow, My New Favorite Gadget

Sometimes you find a product that solves a problem better than anything you have tried before.  The ScareCrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent fits that description in my book.  For years I have sprayed stinky products […]

  • 6 Stairs(Revisited)

6 Stairs(Revisited)

In my house I am almost always the first one up. As I walk down the stairs to get my coffee it is comforting to know that in the mid 1800s the builders did […]

  • 9 Ways to Take a Bath

9 Ways to Take a Bath

In an age where taking a shower has, for the most part, replaced the leisurely bath, it is a pleasure to reconsider the bathtub.  We take seriously the orientation and layout of every bathroom, especially […]

  • Backyard Chronicles

Backyard Chronicles

Our little micro farm in the back yard is doing fine.  Two new members of the sheep herd are Amy and Pearl.  They are Romneys, a sheep known for their fine wool. They originally came from […]

  • Alfresco Dining(Updated)

Alfresco Dining(Updated)

With summer in full swing, my family and I take every opportunity we can to eat outside on our porch or on a patio off the kitchen. Somehow with the flowers blooming and the […]

  • 6 Ways to Side Your Home

6 Ways to Side Your Home

When we begin to design a home, we generally have an idea of what the exterior material will be.  Often we will try alternate materials either to change the aesthetics, to adjust the budget, […]

  • Lake House-Featured Recent Project

Lake House-Featured Recent Project

There is something about any home on a lake that is special. The setting evokes summer fun like no other. When our clients ask us to help them design a family retreat, we knew […]