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  • 4 Stunning Window Walls

4 Stunning Window Walls

If you want to bring the outdoors in, a wall of windows, (and sometimes doors), is a great way to do it.  We have approached the design of window walls in many ways.  Some […]

  • Backyard Chronicles-October 2016

Backyard Chronicles-October 2016

I never know what I am going to find when I go up to feed the animals.  This morning, I stopped to say hello to Chloe, our barnyard cat, then checked our garden to see […]

  • Off the Charts at FineHome Source

Off the Charts at FineHome Source

The 9th annual FineHome Source home show is right around the corner, Saturday, September 24th from 10am until 5pm in the center of downtown Millbrook, NY (you absolutely cannot miss it).

To top things off, […]

  • Golfer’s Dream

Golfer’s Dream

For the golfers who had everything, including their own putting green, the only thing missing was a place to relax between shots.  We were asked to complete the dream by designing a simple but […]

  • 7 Great Porch Accessories

7 Great Porch Accessories

Sitting on a porch is a great experience for me.  I always enjoy it and never tire of sitting on my own porch.  I hear a flock of geese flying overhead, crickets chirping, most […]

  • 9th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

9th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

It has been a great summer, but as we approach the fall, it is time to start planning a visit to the 9th Annual FineHome Source home show.  This year is going to be another great […]

  • 7 Kitchen Floor Alternatives (Expanded)

7 Kitchen Floor Alternatives (Expanded)

The selection of a kitchen floor is another example of how our wealth of choices makes those selections all the more difficult.  The criteria for a kitchen floor includes the following:
1.  It must be attractive-a […]

  • 2 Garage to House Connectors

2 Garage to House Connectors

It is often visually and functionally appropriate to get some space between a home and a garage.  Inevitably there is a concern for what happens in bad weather when you have to get from […]

  • 8 Garage Door Solutions (Updated)

8 Garage Door Solutions (Updated)

Garage doors may seem to be a very mundane topic, not worth much thought in the overall scheme of home design, but in our office, that is not the case.  When you think about […]