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  • 10 Wood Burning Fireplaces (Updated)

10 Wood Burning Fireplaces (Updated)

Every autumn as leaves and temperatures fall, I anticipate the first fire in the fireplace. I continue to build fires well through the cool spring nights. Each new fire is a personal test of […]

  • 5 Virtual Reality Projects

5 Virtual Reality Projects

The world of computer graphics has changed completely since I started my architectural practice.  We now regularly use computer imaging to make quick sketches of proposed design ideas and use renderings of projects to […]

  • Backyard Chronicles

Backyard Chronicles

It has been a great summer, but all good things come to an end.  Fall is here, the garden is going to seed, fortunately a few hardy plants are holding on and providing vegetables for our […]

  • 9 Kitchen Conveniences We Love

9 Kitchen Conveniences We Love

Over the years I have seen kitchen gadgets come and go and I think I must have bought half of the ones that went.  There are a few which have been real assets to both the […]

  • 11 FineHome Source Exhibitors

11 FineHome Source Exhibitors

Our eighth FineHome Source home show is coming up soon!  September 26th is around the corner and I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a few of our exhibitors whom we have known […]

  • 10 Ways to Design a Bathroom

10 Ways to Design a Bathroom

I cannot think of a room in a home that is more subject to personal taste than a bathroom.  We have been asked to redesign bathrooms built in every decade of the last 80 […]

  • Country Lane Home-Featured Project

Country Lane Home-Featured Project

It is not uncommon for our clients  to ask us to add additional rooms or outbuildings to their property, but it is unusual to work on a home more than a decade in the […]

  • 8th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

8th Annual FineHome Source Home Show

It has been a great summer, but as we approach the fall, it is time to start planning a visit to the 8th Annual FineHome Source home show.  This year is going to be […]