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  • Backyard Chronicles (January 2015)

Backyard Chronicles (January 2015)

Our children don’t always get along, but our animals can’t seem to get enough of each other.  I will say though, none of the other animals carry on a love affair like Chloe the cat and […]

  • 6 Carriage House-Lofts

6 Carriage House-Lofts

One of the most cost effective places to gain a bonus space is above a garage.  By picking up the roof a few feet when building a garage, you can gain usable space such as guest […]

  • Historic Expansion (Featured Project)

Historic Expansion (Featured Project)

The original house had been added to over time, but at its core was a beautiful old home with wide pine floors and plaster walls. A critical requirement of the project was to preserve […]

  • 3 Butler’s Pantries

3 Butler’s Pantries

Tis’ the season for big meals with plenty of friends and family.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had a butler’s pantry to store all the dishes and serving platters, silverware, and glasses. In […]

  • Great Food-Great Photography

Great Food-Great Photography


Anyone who follows this blog knows how much I love great food and great photography and respect the creators of both.  As an amateur photographer, black and white photography helped me understand the art and […]

  • Modern Farmhouse (Featured Project)

Modern Farmhouse (Featured Project)

Our client asked us to create a country retreat inspired by rural farm houses.  He wanted the home to be bright, open and to be a place where intimate dinner parties and large gatherings […]

  • 6 Farm House Sinks

6 Farm House Sinks

Farm house sinks have evolved over time.  The earliest farm houses did not have running water and any cabinets in the kitchen would be more like furniture than the built-ins we have today.  A […]

  • Fine Home Source 2014-Best Ever!

Fine Home Source 2014-Best Ever!

Once again we had the best show ever!  Everyone had a great time with more vendors and visitors enjoying a picture perfect fall day.  This years show showcased everything from Zoe’s Ice Cream Barn to […]

  • Backyard Chronicles (Oct 2014)

Backyard Chronicles (Oct 2014)

Rosie is still guarding our porch as well as the sheep, chickens, bunnies, and the latest addition…Chloe, the barn cat.  Like most farms-even the tiny ones, animals multiply and newcomers are always welcome.

Our garden […]

  • 5 Dormers and Cupolas-Inside and Out

5 Dormers and Cupolas-Inside and Out

A dormer and a cupola can bring light into a room from the roof.  We use cupolas both as a way to bring in light and as a decorative element viewed from the exterior. […]