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  • ScareCrow, My New Favorite Gadget

ScareCrow, My New Favorite Gadget

Sometimes you find a product that solves a problem better than anything you have tried before.  The ScareCrow Motion-Activated Animal Deterrent fits that description in my book.  For years I have sprayed stinky products […]

  • 6 Stairs(Revisited)

6 Stairs(Revisited)

In my house I am almost always the first one up. As I walk down the stairs to get my coffee it is comforting to know that in the mid 1800s the builders did […]

  • 9 Ways to Take a Bath

9 Ways to Take a Bath

In an age where taking a shower has, for the most part, replaced the leisurely bath, it is a pleasure to reconsider the bathtub.  We take seriously the orientation and layout of every bathroom, especially […]

  • Backyard Chronicles

Backyard Chronicles

Our little micro farm in the back yard is doing fine.  Two new members of the sheep herd are Amy and Pearl.  They are Romneys, a sheep known for their fine wool. They originally came from […]

  • Alfresco Dining(Updated)

Alfresco Dining(Updated)

With summer in full swing, my family and I take every opportunity we can to eat outside on our porch or on a patio off the kitchen. Somehow with the flowers blooming and the […]

  • 6 Ways to Side Your Home

6 Ways to Side Your Home

When we begin to design a home, we generally have an idea of what the exterior material will be.  Often we will try alternate materials either to change the aesthetics, to adjust the budget, […]

  • Lake House-Featured Recent Project

Lake House-Featured Recent Project

There is something about any home on a lake that is special. The setting evokes summer fun like no other. When our clients ask us to help them design a family retreat, we knew […]

  • 7 Back (or Side) Porches

7 Back (or Side) Porches

It seems that all we talk about are front porches.  Of course that is where we enter a home, and if that home is in a neighborhood, the front porch is the public face […]

  • 7 Screened Porches(Revisited)

7 Screened Porches(Revisited)

Owning a screened porch on a buggy summer evening is like owning a castle with a moat when the barbarians attack. The screened porch provides a place to relax outdoors without having to pay […]