8 Small Projects

Small House We work on designs of all sizes.  Sometimes a compact solution is best for the available space, budget, and needs.  A very efficient design, which still accomplishes all of the client's  needs, can  be challenging but a lot of fun.  When working on any very efficient design, it is important to distill the layout down to the most important elements, then find a way to keep it from feeling too tight.  We have the same need to [...]

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One Micro Home

Many people I know are weary of the work required to maintain a large home and the headaches associated with coordinating that task.  Although the idea of living in a very compact home isn’t for everyone, there are certainly days around my house that make me fantasize about living in a home, which due to its size, limits the amount of work required to keep it in good shape. Luckily we are often asked to design exactly that [...]

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Compact and Crisp

Designed for friends who bought a beautiful piece of land on the side of a hill in Columbia County, this home embodies the phrase ‘Simple can be better’. We were given the mandate to design a small home on a budget, but to also give it style and grace. Another strict requirement was to include a dramatic steel staircase and keep it simple. We always welcome a design challenge and set about our work. In the end, we accomplished those [...]

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Small Can Be Big (Almost finished)

Our clients asked us to design a small, energy efficient, comfortable home to replace their existing log home which felt confining and dark. Both we and our clients are overjoyed at the way this 'not so big' house turned out. For a home with about 2000 square feet of heated living space, there are many surprises including plenty of room. One important design element probably adds the most to the livability of this home: porches. Their site is a beautiful [...]

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