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Quiet Spaces

We all need time to think, read and/or write, to sketch or simply dream.  A quiet space within our home can be a refuge from hectic lives and too many electronic diversions.  That space doesn’t need to be a closed room with a heavy door, you may want to be close to the activity inside your home, just not in the middle of it all the time. When planning a quiet or contemplative space, care should be taken [...]

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Despite the advent of Kindles, Nooks, and iPads to name a few, the fate of the bound paper book is still looking good.  We still enjoy being surrounded by real books that we can touch and feel.  As I pass my own bookshelves at home or in the office, I often pick up a book I haven’t read in years, and like an old friend, get to know it again. A home library can be a collection of [...]

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