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7 Back (or Side) Porches

It seems that all we talk about are front porches.  Of course that is where we enter a home, and if that home is in a neighborhood, the front porch is the public face of the home. On many old farm houses, the back porch was off the kitchen while the front porch led into the more grand and public rooms of the home.  The back porch was where boots came off, deliveries were made, and where all [...]

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7 Screened Porches(Revisited)

Owning a screened porch on a buggy summer evening is like owning a castle with a moat when the barbarians attack. The screened porch provides a place to relax outdoors without having to pay attention to the barbarian bug population.In general, the screened porches we design are larger than the average open porch. Most often they are designed as outdoor rooms and are furnished with sofas and chairs as well as dining tables and occasionally a fireplace. Screened [...]

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Modern Farmhouse Design (Revisited)

There is no absolute prototype for a farmhouse, but most of us can recognize one when we see it. By definition the originals were located on farms and were integral to the life and work of those farm families who lived there. Depending on when and where those homes were built, they could be made of stone, brick, shingles or clapboard. Most farmhouses had porches since there was no air conditioning and many farm and family chores were [...]

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