Classical Addition

Gable at Night Our clients wanted to respect the architecture of their original home while taking on a major renovation and addition. The additions we designed are Greek Revival, which is a vernacular style of the region and was consistent with the age of the original home.  Triple hung windows bring wonderful amounts of light into the living room, while the open plan of the kitchen helps the renovated home flow well.  In the end, this old farmhouse feels [...]

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In Praise of Cupolas (Revisited)

Small structures on roof tops have a special place in my heart. It was to the belfry (a cupola with a bell) of a renovated 1865 school house that I took my wife Alicia on our first date. We talked about life, watched the sun set, drank a glass of wine and felt like we were on top of the world. Three children and 15 years later, I think that belfry must have played a part in my [...]

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