5 Before and Afters

One of the pleasures of working with a great photographer(Rob Karosis), is the thrill of seeing new photos of one of our projects for the first time.  After spending months and sometimes years, on a renovation project it is always gratifying to go back and see what the space looked like before anything was done.  It is easy to forget how far from the original house a design has come. We hope you enjoy some of our favorite [...]

Farmhouse Renovations

Most American homes built in the eighteenth or nineteenth centuries were farmhouses.  We were predominantly an agrarian society living on family farms.  Today’s suburbs were once pastures.  Quite a few modern subdivisions include an old farmhouse, which at one time was the only house in sight. When the farm families grew and their circumstances improved, it was natural to expand the homestead.  It is rare to find an old house today that has not been renovated and added onto over [...]

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