Children’s Rooms(Revisited)

Built-In Beds When our third child was on the way, we decided to add a bedroom to our home. The room we were planning for our newborn son was immediately claimed by his oldest sister. We realized that in fairness, our firstborn deserved the first choice of rooms, and at that point, we began to reevaluate the design of the new room. This was an epiphany since our mental image of the room changed immediately. In fact, the [...]

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7 Guest Rooms

Having guests can be a wonderful experience.  Providing a place for them to stay can sometimes be a real challenge.   Of course it is easier to find a place for visitors when building a new home or guest house.  Our clients generally want their guests close enough to be included in family activities, but far enough away  for everyone to have their privacy.  To complicate things, visitors with small children have very different needs compared to college [...]

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