7 Curved Stairs

Curved Main Stair Curved stairs can be elegant, beautiful, and functional.  We design stairs which are curved from bottom to top as well as stairs which only curve a bit. There are many manufacturers who sell prefab spiral stairs which work well in certain circumstances.  The most common mistake, with those stairs, is to make them too small in diameter, especially in a high traffic location.  We are often asked to replace spiral stairs which are too narrow, with [...]

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In my house I am almost always the first one up. As I walk down the stairs to get my coffee it is comforting to know that in the mid 1800s the builders did their job well. There are no creaks when I step (except from me) and the rise and run of the stair are quite comfortable. Friends, family and clients I know aren’t always so lucky, especially if their stairs were built in the late 1700s and early [...]

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