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Bath Time

When I was growing up, we took baths.  It wasn’t fancy, we didn’t bathe to relax, bathing was just to get the dirt off (I spent many formative years on a farm).  For the country in general, the daily bath fell out of favor and was replaced by the now ubiquitous shower. Who can argue with the efficiency and speed of a quick shower when we need to get children and ourselves out the door?  Showers can also [...]

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The Personality of a Bathroom Sink

Like a grand fireplace in a study, or a wall of windows in a living room, the bathroom sink can set the tone of the bathroom.  A generic fixture can blend into the background to the point we barely notice it and that is fine, but I am always delighted when I see a bathroom or powder room sink which has an unique design or is of exceptional quality. Whether we like formal or funky, exotic or traditional-we all need [...]

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