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3 Season Room with Automatic Screens

3 Season Room with Automatic Screens The owners wanted a 3 season room with maximum flexibility to enjoy their spectacular view. We designed the porch to include roller screens from Phantom Screens. With a touch of a button, they can turn their open porch into a screened porch which no bug can penetrate. Radiant heaters will take the chill out of a fall evening, and lightweight clear panels extend the use of the porch long into the winter. When [...]

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10 Laundry Rooms

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room It is often true that the simple things in life are the ones that make us the happiest. In our homes, the unsung and hardly glamorous laundry room serves to keep the engine of our lives running smoothly. Though clean socks may not guarantee happiness, it is a start. No two families are the same.  What works perfectly for one rarely is ideal for another and those needs change over time. Speaking as a [...]

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Under Construction 9-21

New Greenwich Home After many overcast and rainy days finally, we have hit a patch of good weather.  Most of all that is great for everyone on our job sites but it also makes my job site photography a lot easier.  As usual these days, there are delays for some items such as appliances and windows, but overall prices continue to slowly be dropping.  Perhaps normal is not out of sight. New Greenwich Home New [...]

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Garden Bounty

Grape Tomatoes I will never claim to be the perfect gardener.  By the middle of August, many plants have gone to seed, and others have suffered because of summer vacations and heavy architectural workload.  To her credit, mother nature perseveres and continues to produce wonderful garden delights.  Our grape tomatoes are as sweet as can be.  Every few days I roast a big spaghetti squash which I often eat 3 times a day, and our pole beans are [...]

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16 Shades of Grey-Revisited

Modern Living Room With Grey Stone and Ceiling I could not resist the title, my apologies for the cliche.  Grey is one of our favorite colors, or to be technically correct, our favorite tones between black and white. Honestly, most colors, (or lack thereof), on interior finishes and furniture are determined by our tasteful clients and or their talented interior designers.  We provide the backdrop for their tableau. Grey, in its wide range of tones and shades, has [...]

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6 Homes Connected to Water

Modern Farmhouse With Reflecting Pond This summer my family and I rented a home on a lake in Maine and it was wonderful.  Other summers we stay in a cabin on a lake in the Adirondacks or on the ocean.  Perhaps those water-connected homes are extra special to us because we live inland surrounded by trees with no water, but a pool. Some of our clients are lucky enough to own property on a lake, a pond, a [...]

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Raise Sheep and See the World

Dana-Thomas House by Frank Lloyd Wright A few weeks ago, we embarked on a 1000-mile journey to the All-American Junior Sheep show in Springfield, Illinois.  My wife and I were taking our son, the last active 4H member of the family, to the largest youth sheep show in the country.  There were over 3000 sheep and 1000 kids showing them. So, we loaded up the sheep trailer and headed west.  For me, it was a remote working week [...]

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Out Takes-6 Beautiful Photographs

Ferns Our architectural photographer, Rob Karosis is an artist who cannot turn off his creative eye when taking a break between architectural shots.  We always look for those bonus photographs that come back from a photo shoot.  Although architectural photography requires an element of craft and technical expertise, only an artist can make the images come alive. Fields Barn in Early Morning Fog Cornfield Early Summer Abandoned Farm Doors [...]

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13 Screened Porches

Screened Porch with Folding Doors When it is buggy out, a screened porch is in its glory!  I love to eat dinner on my open porch (as well as drink my morning coffee), but if the bugs are out, I go inside.  Screened porches solve those problems entirely.  It is just lucky for me, that my property rarely has a bug problem.  For some homeowners, the mosquitos, gnats, and other biting insects come out like clockwork, making it [...]

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A Nod to All Creatures Great and Small

The Bear that Ate my Bird Feeders I was just beginning to test the idea of setting up a remote-controlled camera to photograph the variety of birds that come to our bird feeders.  I found that in my first test, it worked quite well.  The very next day, a big black bear knocked down every bird feeder we had.  I will put my idea on hold until this coming winter. Bluejay Test Photo On any farm, [...]

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