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10 Front Doors

Red Double Door The front door is a symbolic welcoming gesture to the world beyond. (even if we enter the mudroom door most of the time). A strong, inviting front door is relatively easy to create when designing a new home.  An existing home whose front door is ill-defined and hard to access often poses a greater challenge.  Often the biggest hurdle is creating a functional front door on a home whose approach is defined by the automobile [...]

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Our Client Turns Her Passion Into a Business!

Bryson Home at Night When we were first contacted by Laura Bryson and her husband, she told us she wanted to use reclaimed materials as much as possible.  She started with some columns her father had given her that she wanted to use on the porches we designed.  This and other reclaimed materials helped her forge relationships with craftspeople who could match or repair antique components.  Finding reclaimed materials became a treasure hunt that led to some incredible [...]

Under Construction January 2023

Major Renovation Job sites and our sheep pens have been a muddy mess this winter.  We should be happy that it isn't -10 degrees with three feet of snow, but I do miss the classic Northeastern snowy winter.  Despite the supply-chain issues and spotty inflated prices, homes are getting built. Major Renovation Pool House/Guest House New Home Renovation-Addition Driveway to New Home Entertainment Barn (In Design) [...]

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Woodstock Farmhouse

Woodstock Farmhouse This 2700 square foot home lives a lot bigger than its size.  With soaring interior spaces and generous porches, no one ever feels a need to leave home.  The wooded site provides plenty of privacy and views from the back living porch.  The welcoming entry porches beckon friends and family to come visit. Front Door Kitchen Kitchen Living Room Stair Living Room Mud [...]

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8 Islands of a Different Color

Green Island The islands in most of our kitchens match the rest of the cabinets.  Other times we mix it up and change the materials or the color of the all-important workplace.  There is no right or wrong other than to keep the cook happy and the kitchen looking good. Kitchen islands are a great place to hang out.  You can either help the chef prepare the food or simply provide moral support while sitting at the counter. [...]

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5 Home Gyms

Bright Open Gym A home gym does not necessarily need a lot of space, but it needs to be laid out efficiently to accommodate the users and their equipment. Lighting is important since many home gyms are in the basement where windows are small or within a recessed area (unless the basement is a walk-out). By mirroring the workout space, like a commercial gym, not only can the users work on perfect form, a greater sense of volume [...]

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Gone to the Dogs-5 Homes with Doggy Solutions

Hidden Dog Bowls In Mud Room Our dogs (and cat) are treated like members of the family.  I would not be exaggerating at all to say I have shed more tears over the passing of one of my dogs than some of my relatives.  So it is no surprise that our clients often ask us to include something special for their furry friends. Hidden Dog Bowls In Mud Room Dog Shower in Laundry Room [...]

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11 Breakfast Bays

Breakfast Bay I have always loved sitting in a bright alcove, eating breakfast, and reading the paper.  These days the object in front of me is often an iPad or other electronics, but the wonderful feeling of a breakfast nook is always the same.  Of course, bays that have windows on three sides are going to be the brightest.  Depending on the orientation of the house, the sunlight streaming in can be dramatic. If there are some interesting [...]

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Cottage Renovation

Kitchen After This Greenwich cottage needed a great kitchen, a second-story patio, a new bathroom and laundry, and a garage.  With the help of some very engaged clients, we worked as a team to make this jewel of a project happen. Cottage Kitchen Before Kitchen Close-Up View to Sun Room View to Sunroom Laundry Room Cabinets Open Laundry Room Cabinets Closed Second Floor Bathroom [...]

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12 Dining Rooms for the Holidays

Dining Room with Red Chairs In an age where family time has been shortened by screen time, and we eat most of our meals on the go, a dining room can bring us together.  A dedicated dining room can change the atmosphere of a meal and provide a special grace to dinner time. I have a large dining room in my own old farmhouse, and we do enjoy more formal meals there.  In our house, the dining room [...]

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