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4 Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living and Dining In the northeast, we don't have a whole lot of warm weather suitable for outdoor entertaining, so we celebrate those perfect days in any way we can.  We are lucky to be able to collaborate with talented landscape architects and designers including Conte and Conte, Renee Byers, Judy Murphy of  Old Farm Nursery, and Rob Adroyd of Greylock Design Associates respectively.  Outdoor living spaces impact the design of our homes and vice versa.  Our [...]

Screened Porch with Energy Panels

Screened Porch with Energy Panels This screened porch extends its livability well beyond 3 seasons.  When there is snow on the ground, it can still be a cozy place to be with radiant panels providing heat in addition to the raised fireplace. Indoor/Outdoor Living Space View From the Porch Fireplace Exterior Exterior Photos by Rob Karosis  Curated Brochure by Crisp Architects: Portfolio  

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Under Construction 6-22

New Home Bird House Vent New Home Exterior In our office, as one project is about to finish, and another begins.  In many ways, the completion of a project is bittersweet because of the relationships we have made with the homeowners as well as the homebuilders.  These relationships often long outlast the projects and that is one of the great pleasures of our profession. New Home Window Wall New Home Room with a [...]

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Animal Update 5-22

Ewe and Lambs We have had a very busy spring on the farm.  Two lambs arrived while my wife was in California, helping our youngest daughter pack up at the end of the semester.  Lucky for me all went well with the birth of the lambs, and I just got a pleasant surprise when I walked up to the barn.  The mom gave birth to a ram and a ewe lamb, and they both are healthy.  This time [...]

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18 Mud Rooms for Spring

Mudroom Over the years, we have designed many mudrooms.  Sometimes they are designed as a room dedicated to getting mud off of kids, pets, and everyone coming into the side door of the home.  Other times, they serve light duty as entries with coat hooks and a place to sit and take off or put on shoes. In the design of these mudrooms, we try to make them bright, comfortable, and above all, functional.  In one home, the [...]

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11 Rooms in the Eaves

Master Bedroom in the Eaves When we first moved into our 1790s home, I bumped my head many times on a sloping ceiling in the master bath.  I could not wait to change that situation. One of our first major additions/renovations included a full-height master bath.  We still have a sloped ceiling in the new bath, but it starts at about 7’-0” and goes up from there. Ideally, the sloped ceiling starts high enough so that furniture easily [...]

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Under Construction April, 2022

Greenwich New Home Almost Finished Between the weather, supply chain complications, and craftsman availability some of our projects have gotten off to a slow start in 2022 while others are going full speed ahead.  These days home construction requires an extra level of planning and good luck to keep the process on track. Greenwich New Home Almost Finished Master Bedroom Almost Finished Kitchen Almost Finished Stairs Almost Finished Pool [...]

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7 Pool Houses Worthy of Backflips and Cannonballs

Simple Pool House A pool house can be a place to access only the absolute necessities while enjoying the pool, or it can be a destination that allows friends and family to spend the day around the pool and then stay for the night. A well-designed pool house can easily double as a guest house for summer and winter use. Covered Sitting Area View From Sitting Area Pool/Guest House Kitchen [...]

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11 Stunning Windows and Doors

Window Wall In a home, windows can be a source of light, views, and fresh air and they can also be a dramatic feature as the focus of a room.  For architects, windows are complicated.  We fret over the proportions, structure, heat load, and energy loss as well as how they frame the views, brighten a room and define the look of a home.  To me, there is no right or wrong way to design a window.  Each [...]

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15 Bookcases

Bookcases with Bench I enjoy having bookcases even if I only occasionally pull out my favorite books.  My own bookcases are home to photo albums, memorabilia, a microscope, and even a few books.  We have bookcases all over our 1790/1870 home.  Some of our bookcases will only hold narrow paperbacks and others are deep enough for our biggest volumes.  In my mind, there are few rooms that do not benefit from a great bookcase. Study Bookcases [...]

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