Under Construction 11-20

New Home New Home-Entry Side I'll repeat what I said a couple of months ago-except with more urgency: As we progress toward winter, days are getting shorter and it’s starting to cool off a bit.  Contractors know that there are a limited number of days for working outside and there is a great incentive to get the buildings dried in.  It doesn’t always work that way, but the best-case scenario is to get the exterior of [...]

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Pools, Pools, Pools, (11 of Them)

Indoor Pool This has been one of the warmest summers in memory which made it perfect pool weather. Ironically, now is when pools and pool houses are often on the drawing board in preparation for next summer’s fun. To be fair, our landscaper friends do the lion’s share of planning the pool environment.  We are most often interested in the location of the pool as it relates to the main house, pool house, and the surrounding patio.  As always, [...]

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Under Construction

Architectural Models About to be Moved No, there was not a mini tsunami in our model making room. We have been renovating a building in the village of Millbrook, NY and are slowly moving our office. You forget how much you accumulate in 12 years. We look forward to being able to walk to the post office, hardware store, and restaurants instead of driving. Otherwise, the mud is still deep on many of our job sites, but the [...]

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6 Homes in the Snow(Including My Old Farm House)

Stone Addition in the Snow Something magical happens to a home with the first snowfall of the season.  Around my house, the kids and the animals are even more excited than I am as we run and throw snowballs.  Rosie, our mini Aussie, tracks in the snow which melts on the floor while I start a fire and my wife makes hot cocoa. The timing doesn’t always work, but when we can coordinate a photo shoot of one of our projects [...]

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More Homes and Additions Under Construction

Massachusetts Lake Home Mass. Lake Home Jobsite visits are always fun.  They get us out of the office where we can see what was conceived on paper (or a screen).  We also have a chance to talk to the craftspeople who are building our projects.  I am always impressed with the care and the attention to detail that our contractors bring to our job sites. New Home With Old Heart Brick Home Entry [...]

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Building Your Forever Home (or addition)

Complete Home Renovation I live in a home that was built over 220 years ago. Of course, it has been added on to over the years and has been adapted to modern living, but much of the house exists as it did in 1790. The builders of my home knew only one way to construct a house, and that was to design it well and build it to last. They succeeded. We often are asked by clients to [...]

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Twin Chimney Home- Featured Recent Project

Front Entry Nestled into a wooded hillside, this home can see far but is hidden from the rest of the world.  With simple lines and generous windows, our clients were hoping for an elegant get-away far from the crowded city.  There is plenty of room for their kids to have family fun and outdoor adventures. Rear of Home Screened Porch Kitchen View to Porch

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A Moving Experience

  Gable End Although, to the average person, the idea of moving a house seems daunting, to the people who do it for a living, it's a piece of cake.  House movers can move houses with chimneys as-well-as all stone or brick facades.  It is all about taking it slow and knowing what you are doing.  The house must be supported by steel beams and timbers anywhere there was weight being borne on the foundation or by posts [...]

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5 Virtual Reality Projects

Project Photo After 3-D Sketch Before The world of computer graphics has changed completely since I started my architectural practice.  We now regularly use computer imaging to make quick sketches of proposed design ideas and use renderings of projects to let our clients know exactly what their home or addition will look like. It is amazing to me how realistic these renderings can be.  Although we are known for our modern versions of traditional homes, sometimes our [...]

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10 Ways to Bring Art into Your Home

Living Room Sculpture Almost every home we renovate or design from the ground up, includes a generous amount of art.  Sometimes the homeowner has an extensive collection which we place in advance on our drawings.  Existing art objects can be placed  throughout the house providing 'art walls' or niches for specific pieces. More often the homeowner enjoys collecting art over time and placing it where it fits.  Either way, natural and artificial light plays an important role in how [...]

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