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On a renovation we completed a few years ago, the metal(tin) roof had a stamp on the back, and the installer gave a 25-year guarantee.  The roof was a little worse for wear but was not leaking.  The guarantee expired in 1905.

For most of us, the expected life of metal roofs are beyond our expiration date.   Since the cost of a cedar shingle roof is comparable to a metal roof, I am surprised metal is not in more demand.

Antique Home Renovation With Metal Roof

Antique Home Renovation with Metal Roof

Of course, there are many different metal roofs, and their prices vary greatly.  Probably the most expensive is lead-coated copper, and the least is either galvanized or painted steel. Painted steel comes in a great variety of colors.

One question we are often asked is: Is a metal roof too loud when it rains?  There is no question that a metal roof makes more noise during a rainstorm than fiberglass architectural shingles.  Since most of the homes we design have spray foam insulation, the sound is not a problem.  If you use fiberglass batt insulation, and your bedroom is open to the underside of the rafters, it could be loud, however, some people like to fall asleep to the sound of rain on the roof.

Garage-Guest House With Painted Steel Roof

Garage-Guest House with Painted Steel Roof

We often use metal roofs as accents.  They are great for porch roofs, dormers, and cupolas to break up the great expanse of another material.

Two Porch Entries With Copper Roofs

Two Porch Entries with Copper Roofs

Dutch Colonial Copper Roof

Dutch Colonial Copper Roof

Lead Coated Copper On Guest House

Lead Coated Copper on Guest House

Stone Addition With Copper Roof

Stone Addition with Copper Roof

Painted Steel Roof On New Home

Painted Steel Roof on New Home

Garage Guest House With Copper Roof

Garage Guest House with Copper Roof

Small Pool House With Metal Roof

Small Pool House with Metal Roof

Major Renovation With Metal Roof

Major Renovation with Metal Roof

Family Sports Barn With Metal Roofs

Family Sports Barn with Metal Roofs

Home Compound With Metal Roofs

Home Compound with Metal Roofs

New Home With A Metal Roof

New Home with a Metal Roof

New Home With Metal Roof

New Home with Metal Roof

Pool House With Metal Roof

Pool House with Metal Roof

Photos by Rob Karosis  Curated Brochure by Crisp Architects: Portfolio

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