Chicken And Sheep

Chicken and Sheep Enjoying a Bite Together Photo by Alicia Crisp

All is well on our micro-farm.  Everyone is getting along and we have had no major drama with any of our animals.  Our vegetable garden is winding down with the exception of the giant rogue squash plant which has taken over the sheep fence.  We are hoping to get one crop of yellow squash before the first hard frost.  It is going to be a squeaker.



Portrait Of A Chicken

Portrait of a Chicken Photo by Alicia Crisp

Oliver Wearing His Favorite Toy

Oliver Wearing His Favorite Toy Photo by Alicia Crisp

Grover, Wendy, And The Giant Squash

Grover, Wendy, and the Giant Squash





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    Sandi Park October 31, 2019 at 8:38 pm

    What a peaceful existence to come home to!

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