Big Farm in the Morning

Cooper Lane Farm in the Morning-Photo by Rob Karosis

One thing most working farms have in common, is land, lots of land.  My wife’s family owns Cooper Lane Farm about a mile from our micro-farm.  They grow alfalfa for hay which requires a lot of acreage as well as vegetables for their farm stand.  People stand in line outside Zoe’s Ice Cream in the summer to buy their famous sweet corn (as well as ice cream of course) The family also raise a few head of cattle.

Chickens and sheep, by comparison, do not take up a lot of space.

Big Farm Rainbow

Cooper Lane Farm Rainbow-Photo By Pam Ferris

Steer-Photo by Katie (Zoe) Ferris

Steer-Photo by Katie (Zoe) Ferris

Big Farm-Photo by Jimmy Crisp

Cooper Lane Farm-Photo by Jimmy Crisp