The End Of The Rainbow

The End of the Rainbow: Eddie Francabandiero

We love our architectural photographer, Rob Karosis.  He makes our projects come alive with his skilled photography.

Sometimes the rest of us get lucky and snap a shot that rivals the pros.  Eddie Francabandiero, from ELF Construction, sent me a photo of a guest house we designed and he built.  The rainbow seems to be landing in the back yard.

Michael Grapka captured the moment when he took photos of a home we designed, right after it snowed.

We are always excited to see our work from a different viewpoint.  It is sometimes all about being at the right place at the right time.  Before I met Rob Karosis, I was sometimes the amature photographer of our work.  No one has to tell me how hard it is to get a good photograph and how fleeting the perfect light can be when trying to get that shot.

Home In The Snow

Home in the Snow: Michael Grapka

Front Door In The Snow: Mike Grapka

Front Door in the Snow: Mike Grapka

Compound: Jimmy Crisp

Compound: Jimmy Crisp

Carriage House: Jimmy Crisp

Carriage House: Jimmy Crisp

View From Garden: Rachel Hutami-Crisp Architects

View From Garden: Rachel Hutami-Crisp Architects

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James M. Crisp has been an architect for well over 30 years. His architectural firm, Crisp Architects, designs projects throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. In April of 2007, Taunton Press published 'On the Porch' by James M. Crisp and Sandra Mahoney.

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  1. 7E81B404490A6D54Fca1Eb708933D03C?S=54&R=G
    Cheryl Mathena November 1, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    Amateurs! And the pictures are great…love this blog.

  2. D57A3Db0B39B08E668444331Df33E41F?S=54&R=G
    Helene Robbins November 10, 2016 at 6:30 am

    Good morning. Every time I view your post I am able to discover a new idea for our farmhouse.
    Wishing you the very sweetest holiday season.

  3. Aa2Cbf39867Dfccabe80558316A86802?S=54&R=G
    James Crisp November 10, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Thank you so much! Same to you.

  4. Afae3Fe7Cbde421Da027E1299Ace8A4C?S=54&R=G
    Clocci January 19, 2017 at 9:16 am

    Do have any information regarding the windows used in the above projects labeled [Compound:Jimmy Crisp] and [Front Door in the Snow:Mike Grapka and Home in the Snow: Michael Grapka]?
    Thank you,

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