Reardon Briggs

Reardon Briggs

In both my personal and professional life, I depend on my local hardware store.  Whether we are trying to find the right glue to adhere to plastic, metal, or the best stain for fence posts, someone at Reardon Briggs Hardware has the answer.  Most importantly, their answer is not based on what the label on the can says, it is based on experience.  The decades of combined knowledge available to anyone who asks is priceless and that is true of local hardware stores all over the country.

In 1917 James Reardon, Anthony Briggs, and Harold Briggs incorporated their 10-year-old hardware and farm equipment business in the Village of Millbrook, New York (read this for the full story).  By the 1980s Pat and Mike Flanigan owned the family business with Mike running the hardware store and Pat the farm equipment division.  So, whether someone needs a paintbrush or a tractor, the Flanigans have it covered.

Just as it is helpful when your family doctor knows you and your family’s needs, it is also helpful when your local hardware store knows your home and the special needs it has and what is required to fix it.  When you are in Millbrook be sure to visit Reardon Briggs Hardware and Lawn and Garden Equipment.

Paint Department

Paint Department

Reardon Briggs Interior

Reardon Briggs Interior

Side Entry

Outside Display

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    The Greenwoods August 21, 2014 at 8:13 am

    We couldn’t agree more! The soul of any community is nurtured by a sense of trust, cooperation, and real interest in the well-being of others. Reardon-Briggs is one of many destinations that makes home, home.

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