Built-In Beds

Built-In Beds

When our third child was on the way, we decided to add a bedroom to our home. The room we were planning for our newborn son was immediately claimed by his oldest sister. We realized that in fairness, our firstborn deserved the first choice of rooms, and at that point, we began to reevaluate the design of the new room.

This was an epiphany since our mental image of the room changed immediately. In fact, the baby’s room would soon become a toddler’s room, then a preschooler’s room, an elementary school child’s room, then middle school…until eventually, it could become a college student’s room. In our planning, we went from wanting the room adjacent to the master bedroom for access to the baby to realizing that our daughter would soon want distance and privacy from her parents(and vice versa). This is a lesson I try to pass on to my clients who are adding a children’s room to their home.

The toddler will be a high school student quicker than we think. Additional soundproofing is inexpensive during construction but costly afterward. Choosing layouts that work both for a small child and a young adult makes everyone’s life easier. Paint and furniture is easy to change, and relocating rooms is hard.

The new bedroom we built is the place were my three children gather and where they bring their friends.

Child'S Bedroom With Birds

Child’s Bedroom With Birds

Child'S Bedroom With Table

Child’s Bedroom With Table

Child'S Bedroom With Built-In Drawers And Shelves

Child’s Bedroom With Built-In Drawers and Shelves

Photos by Rob Karosis  Curated Brochure by Crisp Architects: Portfolio

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