Wood and Stone Floor

The selection of a kitchen floor is another example of how our wealth of choices makes those selections all the more difficult.  The criteria for a kitchen floor includes the following:

1.  It must be attractive-a very broad and subjective requirement, which is often in the eye of the beholder.

2.  It must be durable-there are many forms of durability.  For wood, durability may mean looking good with dings and scratches.  With stone or tile, you will want something chip and stain resistant.

3.  The surface should be pleasant to walk on-radiant heat greatly enhances this.  It especially helps  with a stone floor, Wood floors simply need to be smooth and splinter free.  Serious cooks also appreciate a surface that is easy on the feet.

4.  It should fit the budget.  Material prices for kitchen floors can vary from $3.00 per square foot to over $100/sq ft.

5.  One of the most important criteria is that the kitchen compliments the rest of the house.  We can all think of kitchens, which seem as though they were placed in a home without someone ever looking at the style of adjacent rooms.


Some choices and their general characteristics include:

1.  Wood-varies from soft to quite hard.  A broad palate of colors and textures is available.

2.  Stone-benefits greatly from radiant heat and holds up well to dogs and rough treatment. It can be a bit hard on the feet.

3.  Tile-almost limitless variety available.  Grout choices are important since the grout is usually the hardest part to clean.

4.  Cork-soft to walk on and easy on dropped plates.  Cork has a distinctive look that works in some homes.

5.  Concrete-perfect for radiant heat, and can be finished in many colors and textures-requires special construction detailing.

Walnut floors

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used spaces in the home.  The floors endure spills of everything from spaghetti to red wine, olive oil to flour.  When choosing a kitchen floor just make sure it is ready for all the messy fun you will put it through.

Pine Floors

Stained/Painted Floors