This is the first of a series of articles showcasing some of our favorite architectural details. No architectural project is successful unless the details are well thought out, proportional, and designed to last.  The details do make the project.

Coupla on Roof of Garage/Guest House

We often use cupolas to bring in light and for ventilation.  Best of all, they add detail to a roof and make an historical connection to the barns built in the nineteenth century and before.

Master Bedroom Fireplace

A fireplace anchors a room like nothing else.  Lately we have designed quite a few fireplaces which are all gas or have gas starters.  The master bedroom fireplace is a good candidate for gas since there is no mess and it is easy on and easy off.  For the purists, we make sure there is ample wood storage.

Pool House Pergola

Pergolas work well to soften the light as it filters between the slats or through the foliage growing across the structural beams.  Even if that filtering is unnecessary, the shadows cast by a pergola can be beautiful and add depth to the facade of a structure.