Study Off Bedroom Suite

Despite the advent of Kindles, Nooks, and iPads to name a few, the fate of the bound paper book is still looking good.  We still enjoy being surrounded by real books that we can touch and feel.  As I pass my own bookshelves at home or in the office, I often pick up a book I haven’t read in years, and like an old friend, get to know it again.

A home library can be a collection of bookshelves or a room devoted to books.  Most of us do not have the space to dedicate a room to books alone, but what den or living room does not profit from a wall of books.  Sometimes a set of shelves in a hall is just what we need.  In my own home, we have bookcases here and there from the living room to the kitchen.

Even a room, which is dedicated to books, easily becomes a study or a place to play games as well as a place for our collections.  There is something comforting about being surrounded by literature even if we are playing poker while in the room.

So even if you get your novels downloaded to your iPhone and read your classics on a Kindle, save some space in your next renovation for book cases and take those tomes out of the attic so you can feel the heft of a real masterpiece.

Rustic Library/Game Room

Balcony Library