Simple Home(Revisited)

Whether you are designing an iphone or a country home, keeping it simple is harder than it looks.  Instead of relying on flash and dash, a simple design relies on substance, proportion, and details.  Most people cannot tell exactly what is wrong with a home when the proportions are off, but they know a beautiful home when they see it and good proportions are always the key.
In the eighteenth century, nails and bricks, as well as most other elements […]

Simple is Sometimes Best

There is a wonderful hamlet of period homes near my house which are owned by a group of lifelong friends.  They are all meticulously cared for by their owners, and the idea of adding on to one of these jewels is taken very seriously.   When I was asked to design an addition to this particular home, I lived in New York City and only weekended in the area.

The task I was given was to design a dining room addition […]