Trouble in the Farmhouse

My wife texted me the top image of our wonderful border collie puppy, Oliver, who was caught in the act of chewing up one of our kitchen chairs.  We have had puppies who have been chewers, but nothing like Oliver.  Every time we think he has stopped his onslaught, we turn our backs and he strikes again on undamaged furniture or shoes.   I will be investing in some furniture repair this winter.  It is a good thing he is loveable […]

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15 More Shades of Grey

As per the title, this is a continuation of a post I made last year. (See below)

I could not resist the title, my apologies for the cliche’.  Grey is one of our favorite colors, or to be technically correct, our favorite tones between black and white. Honestly, most colors, (or lack thereof), on interior finishes and furniture are determined by our tasteful clients and or their talented interior designers.  We provide the backdrop for their tableau.

Grey, in its wide […]

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A Moving Experience


Although, to the average person, the idea of moving a house seems daunting, to the people who do it for a living, it’s a piece of cake.  House movers can move houses with chimneys as-well-as all stone or brick facades.  It is all about taking it slow and knowing what you are doing.  The house must be supported by steel beams and timbers anywhere there was weight being borne on the foundation or by posts in the basement.  The […]

9 Entry Halls (Expanded)

When entering and leaving most homes, we pass through an entry hall that is formal or casual, one that is meant either for guests, family or for everyone. Many homes we design have a main entry which is meant for the arrival of guests with a place to hang their coats, and a ‘mud room’ entry which is for everyday use as well as muddy boots, dogs and gardening apparel.

In my house, (circa 1790), we have a center hall […]

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5 Home Features for Fall

As we roll into Fall, I find myself building more bonfires, roasting s’mores with the kids, and sitting on my porch with the heater on.  Many of our projects include indoor-outdoor spaces which are ideally enjoyed in the fall when an outdoor fire can be appreciated or simply a moment to be outside before it gets too cold.  Outdoor fireplaces are a great source of warmth and entertainment and if you combine that with a screened porch, you have […]

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It’s a Dog’s World

I truly had forgotten how a puppy takes over your life, home, and property.  Also how much fun they are.  Oliver, our border collie, is now in the awkward gangly stage and is chewing up everything in his path.

Luckily, he and our mini Australian shepherd Rosie, get along great.  Oliver can’t wait to start herding the sheep.

We are keeping Oliver on a short leash until we are certain that he isn’t going to chase a deer off into the […]

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Tesla is Coming to Fine HomeSource for our 10th Anniversary Show !

Through Annette’s hard work and persistence, we have the pleasure to include Tesla in our 10th Anniversary celebration. Representatives from California are flying out to join us and will be available to answer your questions about their upcoming solar shingles, power walls, motor vehicles, and everything Tesla does.  We welcome them to our family of craftspeople and technical experts.

We will have samples from Clinton Vineyards, Peony Vodka, Ammirati Coffee, Shunpike Dairy, Zoe’s Ice Cream, Soukup Maple Syrup and More! Live […]

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5 Recently Designed Kitchens

A new kitchen impacts our homes and lives as much or more that any other renovation.  Since we all spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it makes sense that we invest in the room where we live and work so much.  We renovated our kitchen 17 years ago after a pipe burst while we were on vacation.  That renovation changed the way my wife and I thought about our entire home.

Above is a large kitchen with dining area and […]

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10 Guest Rooms (Updated)

Having guests can be a wonderful experience, however providing a place for them to stay, can sometimes be a real challenge.   Of course it is easier to find a place for visitors when building a new home or guest house.  Our clients generally want their guests close enough to be included in family activities, but far enough away  for everyone to have their privacy.  To complicate things, visitors with small children have very different needs compared to college […]

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10th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

We are now a little less than a month away from our 10th and most amazing Fine Home Source Home Show ever!  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors to celebrate the milestone of 10 years supporting fine craftsmanship and high quality design.

One of our newest vendors is Walpole Outdoors shown above.  Come join us Saturday, September 23rd in Millbrook, New York for our biggest show yet.  Here are just a few of the vendors who will also […]