10th Annual Fine Home Source-Save the Date!

We are now a little less than a month away from our 10th and most amazing Fine Home Source Home Show ever!  We have enlarged the tent and added even more vendors to celebrate the milestone of 10 years supporting fine craftsmanship and high quality design.

One of our newest vendors is Walpole Outdoors shown above.  Come join us Saturday, September 23rd in Millbrook, New York for our biggest show yet.  Here are just a few of the vendors who will also […]

10 Ways to Design a Bathroom

I cannot think of a room in a home that is more subject to personal taste than a bathroom.  We have been asked to redesign bathrooms built in every decade of the last 80 years and some before that.  I am amazed how, with a functional plan and timeless materials, a 50 year old bathroom can seem perfectly in sync with todays trends while a bathroom built 30 years ago without solid design principles can look silly

We are lucky, […]

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9 Ways to Take a Bath

In an age where taking a shower has, for the most part, replaced the leisurely bath, it is a pleasure to reconsider the bathtub.  We take seriously the orientation and layout of every bathroom, especially those with a tub as a focal point.  If it is possible, we prefer to locate a bathtub next to a window and if we are lucky, one with a view.

Since allocating the time to take a bath can be a luxury, we want to […]

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One Micro Home

Many people I know are weary of the work required to maintain a large home and the headaches associated with coordinating that task.  Although the idea of living in a very compact home isn’t for everyone, there are certainly days around my house that make me fantasize about living in a home, which due to its size, limits the amount of work required to keep it in good shape.

Luckily we are often asked to design exactly that kind of […]

Fine Home Source 2013-Best One Ever!

We had a beautiful day, 54 vendors(a record) and over 600 visitors-what more can you ask for?

Well, we had a late entry of Telescopes of Vermont who showed everyone the amazing Porter Garden Telescope.  People were reading the fine print on a dollar bill almost a block away.  It brought back my amature astronomer’s glee.

There were vendors like Chris’ Coffee showing their amazing Italian espresso makers and handing out free samples to Hudson Company displaying their antique and vintage […]

Fine Home Source 2013, Sept. 28th

I will be the first to admit, everyone doesn’t need a bowling alley.  But if you would like to see the latest in home bowling, come on out to Fine Home Source on September 28th and take a look.  This year we have some of the most broad ranging and professional vendors ever.  You can speak to the experts from Orvis Sandanona about learning how to fly fish or shoot sporting clays then talk to the folks at Dutchess Overhead Door […]

Fine Home Source 2013

We are now a little over a month away from our 6th and largest Fine Home Source Home show.  We have enlarged the tent and added vendors and have reached a milestone of 6 years keeping craftmanship and quality design alive.  Join us in the celebration of quality services,craftsmanship, and design on September 28th in Millbrook, New York.  Here are a few of the vendors who will be there:



5 Master Suites

The most elaborate and beautiful bedroom and bathroom in the home is usually part of  the master suite.  Often it has the best views and sometimes other rooms connected within the suite.  That makes sense considering the people who sleep there own the home.  We have designed wet bars, home offices, as well as terraces and screened porches off the master bedroom.

In my house the master bedroom is a place where kids congregate first thing in the morning and […]

Bath Time

When I was growing up, we took baths.  It wasn’t fancy, we didn’t bathe to relax, bathing was just to get the dirt off (I spent many formative years on a farm).  For the country in general, the daily bath fell out of favor and was replaced by the now ubiquitous shower. Who can argue with the efficiency and speed of a quick shower when we need to get children and ourselves out the door?  Showers can also save […]

The Personality of a Bathroom Sink

Like a grand fireplace in a study, or a wall of windows in a living room, the bathroom sink can set the tone of the bathroom.  A generic fixture can blend into the background to the point we barely notice it and that is fine, but I am always delighted when I see a bathroom or powder room sink which has an unique design or is of exceptional quality.

Whether we like formal or funky, exotic or traditional-we all need […]

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