5 Homes and Animals in the Snow

Something magical happens to a home with the first snowfall of the season.  Around my house, the kids and the animals are even more excited than I am as we run and throw snowballs.  Rosie, our mini Aussie, tracks in the snow, which melts on the floor, while I start a fire and my wife makes hot cocoa.

The timing doesn’t always work, but when we can coordinate a photo shoot of one of our projects with freshly fallen snow, […]

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6 Corners With Views

Nothing opens up a room like corner windows.  They provide that much more light and a panoramic view of the scenery.  Whether in the corner of a kitchen or an expansive sunroom, they make a powerful statement.

The only loss when wrapping windows around a room is wall space.  I feel they should be used purposefully where they will make the most impact.   Often opening up two or more walls with glass requires special structural considerations.  Without walls to support […]

Tis’ the Season to Get Together and Bake

This time of year our kitchen is filled with family and friends talking, eating, cooking, and baking.  Often we are dancing around each other to get to utensils, trash bins, ingredients, mixers and ovens.  Our French exchange student, Paul, is in the process of teaching some of us how to make the perfect crepe.

One of our clients, whose kitchen we recently finished,  included a baking station on the end of their island. This is very handy when extra space is […]

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7 Formal Dining Rooms (Expanded)

In an age where family time has been shortened by screen time, and we eat most our meals on the go, a formal dining room can bring us together.  A dedicated dining room can change the atmosphere of a meal and provide a special grace to dinner time.

I have a large dining room in my own old farm house, and we do enjoy more formal meals there.  In our house, the dining room is so much more than a […]

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Trouble in the Farmhouse

My wife texted me the top image of our wonderful border collie puppy, Oliver, who was caught in the act of chewing up one of our kitchen chairs.  We have had puppies who have been chewers, but nothing like Oliver.  Every time we think he has stopped his onslaught, we turn our backs and he strikes again on undamaged furniture or shoes.   I will be investing in some furniture repair this winter.  It is a good thing he is loveable […]

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15 More Shades of Grey

As per the title, this is a continuation of a post I made last year. (See below)

I could not resist the title, my apologies for the cliche’.  Grey is one of our favorite colors, or to be technically correct, our favorite tones between black and white. Honestly, most colors, (or lack thereof), on interior finishes and furniture are determined by our tasteful clients and or their talented interior designers.  We provide the backdrop for their tableau.

Grey, in its wide […]

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A Moving Experience


Although, to the average person, the idea of moving a house seems daunting, to the people who do it for a living, it’s a piece of cake.  House movers can move houses with chimneys as-well-as all stone or brick facades.  It is all about taking it slow and knowing what you are doing.  The house must be supported by steel beams and timbers anywhere there was weight being borne on the foundation or by posts in the basement.  The […]

9 Entry Halls (Expanded)

When entering and leaving most homes, we pass through an entry hall that is formal or casual, one that is meant either for guests, family or for everyone. Many homes we design have a main entry which is meant for the arrival of guests with a place to hang their coats, and a ‘mud room’ entry which is for everyday use as well as muddy boots, dogs and gardening apparel.

In my house, (circa 1790), we have a center hall […]

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5 Home Features for Fall

As we roll into Fall, I find myself building more bonfires, roasting s’mores with the kids, and sitting on my porch with the heater on.  Many of our projects include indoor-outdoor spaces which are ideally enjoyed in the fall when an outdoor fire can be appreciated or simply a moment to be outside before it gets too cold.  Outdoor fireplaces are a great source of warmth and entertainment and if you combine that with a screened porch, you have […]

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It’s a Dog’s World

I truly had forgotten how a puppy takes over your life, home, and property.  Also how much fun they are.  Oliver, our border collie, is now in the awkward gangly stage and is chewing up everything in his path.

Luckily, he and our mini Australian shepherd Rosie, get along great.  Oliver can’t wait to start herding the sheep.

We are keeping Oliver on a short leash until we are certain that he isn’t going to chase a deer off into the […]

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