Garden Structures (Expanded)

Nothing reminds us that spring is coming more than digging out the potting soil, the rusted tools, and clay pots. For me, it involves cleaning the refuse out of my vegetable garden from the previous year, opening up the deer fencing, and bringing on the roto-tiller. Like many things in life, the process is often more important than the final product.  As long as we have a few wonderful meals from the garden, we are truly happy.

I think many […]

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Stamford Renovation (Featured Project)

We love working on old homes.  With each generation of homeowners, the needs and lifestyles change and, with that, homes grow and evolve.  This home was in need of a make over and luckily we were chosen to help the new owners achieve their vision. In addition, Morrissey Saypol Interiors, worked hand and hand with us to create interior spaces and furnishings that were both beautiful and functional.

There was almost no room which was not touched by the renovation, and […]

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13 Homes at Dusk

Sometimes, we ask our photographer, Rob Karosis, to work overtime and take some photographs as the sun goes down.  This is usually after he has already put in a 10 hour day, but he never complains, (out loud).  The extra effort is always worth it! A dusk shot can often reveal features of a home which are missed during the day. The windows become illuminated while the exterior materials become more monochromatic.  We are forced to notice the proportions […]

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6 Dutch Doors (Expanded)

As far as we know, the Dutch door originated in the Netherlands during the 17th century and was very popular with the settlers of Dutch and English origin who colonized what is now the United States.  The door worked well to keep farm animals out of the home while keeping small children safe.  The families enjoyed additional light and fresh air when the upper half was open.

One of the major advantages of the modern Dutch door is that we […]

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7 Curved Stairs

Curved stairs can be elegant, beautiful, and functional.  We design stairs which are curved from bottom to top as well as stairs which only curve a bit.

There are many manufacturers who sell prefab spiral stairs which work well in certain circumstances.  The most common mistake, with those stairs, is to make them too small in diameter, especially in a high traffic location.  We are often asked to replace spiral stairs which are too narrow, with a conventional run of stairs […]



I love snow!  Growing up in Galveston, Texas, and Pumpkin Center, Louisiana, snow was precious.  Even a few flakes would mean school was out and we would do our best to put together a snowball to throw at each other.

My first winter in NYC was magical because of a very snowy season.  There is nothing like New York City after a heavy snow.  When I moved north, it got even better.

Two snow storms in a row set the stage for […]

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8 Rooms For Mud (Expanded)

Living through the seasons in the Northeast reminds me of my daughters’ favorite book as a child: ’Going on a Bear Hunt’ where the father, the kids and the dog go looking for a bear and when they find one, they run home through the snow storm (Hoooo woooo), the forest (Stumble trip), the mud (Squelch squerch), the water (Splash splosh) and back through the grass (Swishy swashy). They then run into the house(without wiping their feet), up the […]

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Family Farms: Plankenhorn Farm

Hudson Valley Fresh is a dairy farmer partnership located in the Hudson Valley.  This group of farmers are “dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley and promoting it as one of the premier food regions of the United States.”

Hudson Valley Fresh is the brainchild of Dr. Sam Simon who owns Plankenhorn Farm.

Dr. Sam Simon knows (and loves) cows. His father Kurt was a cattle dealer and Sam learned long ago how to spot a quality cow. […]

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9 Balmy Islands with Seats Waiting for You

Well, I may have exaggerated a little bit in the title when I said balmy, perhaps warm and cozy would be more descriptive.  Kitchen islands are a great place to hang out.  You can either help  the chef prepare the food or simply provide moral support while sitting at the counter.  In my childhood home, down in Louisiana, you were expected to do both, whether you were one of the family, or a first-time visitor.  Weekend cooking  was a group […]

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Farmhouse Modern (Updated)

Many of our clients own old farm houses and love the way they fit into the countryside of the Northeast. These same clients want the interior of their homes to be brighter and more modern than the original farm house.

Recently we renovated a large kitchen and added a bright sun room to an 1800s farm house in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The kitchen cabinets were frameless and painted white with simple but elegant details offsetting the extra thick Carrara marble […]

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